Friday, January 29, 2010

Dion Running Snowshoes in Runners World

Runners World Magazine just did a review of various running snowshoes.

Here is the review for Dion Running Snowshoes...

Dion Snowshoes, $250
Started by veteran snowshoe race director and masters racer Bob Dion (he's a two-time age-group national champion), this upstart Vermont company offers semi-custom snowshoes—mix and match the frame, cleat and binding options to create your optimal setup. Most racers opt for the 7 x 21-inch Model 121 racing frame ($125) because it's the smallest and narrowest deck on the market that conforms to USSSA standards. The Quick-Fit binding ($65) offers a snug hold and easy adjustments without excess straps flapping around when you run. Unless you run and race on the same type of surface all the time, picking the cleat could be the tricky part. Dion recommends the Deep Cleat ($60), stating that it works well on groomed terrain and offers solid traction in broken snow and powder. This set-up weighs just over 2.5 pounds.

To read complete review, please click here.

Dion Snowshoes are available in Canada exclusively through Spafford Health and Adventure


  1. Is that the same issue that had a professional volleyball player on the cover......a professional tennis player on the back....and a cheesy article about celebrities that jog?

    They look like sweet fast snowshoes. At least something cool made it in the magazine. The rest of it is crap.

  2. To be perfectly honest...I don't have a subscription, so quite possibly;)

    I just saw it online.

  3. I was pissed when I bought it yesterday. Sorry for being so negative.

    The snowshoes are sweet though. Shocking as it may sound...we do not have any snowshoe races in the Anchorage area. It is a bummer.

  4. Heck, no need to appologize. It's been a while since I picked up an issue.

    It is kind of surprising that you don't have races up there. We've run the US Snowshoe Championships before and there seems to be strong representation from Alaska.