Monday, January 18, 2010

Week of Jan 11-17

What an incredible weekend of racing for Canadian runners!

There have been some great single performance results by Canadians in the past, but I'm hard pressed to find something to get this excited about as a fan of all types of running.

First off, Canadians ran exceptionally well at the HURT 100miler in Hawaii. Gary Robbins not only won the race, but ran the fastest time ever on one of the toughest 100 mile courses out there beating Geoff Roes course record by 16 minutes. For those who don't follow ultra running, Roes was the '2009 Ultra runner of the year'. Tracy Garneau, also of BC, won the woman's race, finished 3rd overall, and also set a new womans course record. Incredible performances by these two and they each look to be getting faster all the time. It should be a great year for both of them.

Another great weekend result came from Simon Bairu of Saskatchewan, who soundly beat Ryan Hall of the US at the Arizona Half Marathon. Bairu’s time was 62:47.

Also of note was Eric Gillis who ran the second fastest ever Canadian marathon debut at the Houston Marathon in a time of 2:13:56.

A very exciting time for Canadian distance running.

Training Summary:
I was pleased how my week continued to go. I’ve been able to increase my volume a little more and feel like I’m gaining a little bit of fitness back. My knee still twinges at times, but I’m trying to keep things under control and not do too much too soon.

Total # of hours this week – 6:13
Total # of hours this year – 14:15
Streak – 7,327 days of running in a row
Training Log Details

I'm really looking forward to this coming week for a couple of reasons. The Dion Frontenac Snowshoe Race will be held on Saturday, and should be a very fun event.

Also, what better way to relax after a snowshoe race than by watching the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour! It is a must see for the outdoor enthusiast. We are very fortunate to have it come to Kingston and encourage everyone to get out and support this great event to make sure that it keeps coming back. For details on the Banff Festival, check out Trailhead Kingston.

Here is the trailer for the 2010 Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour…


  1. Congrats to the Canadians!! That is some fast times on a super tough course. Yanko came in 2nd overall though but Tracy did crush the womans record. I heard the conditions were the best ever. I am jealous I was not able to make it out there.

  2. That is a sweet weekend for Canadian Running, hats off to Simon and Eric for sure!
    Thanks for the mention Derrick!

  3. We've been going to the film festival for 7 or 8 years. We'll be seeing it at Laurentian on Friday, which will be weird - not being at KC (my old school) or McArthur college.

    Thanks for the rundown on the races. I haven't been keeping up. Very exciting!