Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Week of Jan 25 - 31

Ultrarunners spend long hours on the trails and can get caught in all kinds of conditions. Here is an excellent post by Yassine that every ultrarunner should read. It's a great reminder of what can happen on the trail and to be prepared for anything. Very glad to see that everything ended well, but it certainly makes you think about similar situations that we have all been in and how it could have ended up.

Training Summary:
~ Was pretty sick for the week with a cold/flu including fever and sinus. This tends to happen sometimes after organizing a race and the funny thing was I wasn't even training hard during this time either. A lot of it is that I get pretty run down from thinking about what has to be done leading up to the race and on race day, so don't tend to get a lot of sleep. Anyhow, all is better now and I'm on the mend. I've upped the amount of rehab I've been doing now and plan to see continued improvement to get me past the current plateau. The key issue for me right now is to spend extra time stretching, rolling and using 'the Stick'.

Total # of hours this week – 2:59
Total # of hours this year – 22:12
Streak – 7,341 days of running in a row
Training Log Details

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