Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Snowshoe Magazine: New Snowshoe Hotbed

The Eastern Ontario region, for one reason or another, has traditionally not been a hotbed for snowshoe racing. In the past, we have had to travel mostly to the North-East U.S. to find races.

With the increased popularity of snowshoeing and snowshoe racing, this is changing very quickly. This winter we now have our choice of seven different snowshoe races within a three hour drive. This is very exciting for snowshoe racers in our region....


  1. I need to get some snowshoes....if only they werent so damn expensive.

  2. AA - Yeah but unlike running shoes they never wear out. :) It's such a blast, I can't imagine winter without them now.

  3. It's too bad that there are at least three snowshoe races on the same weekend (Jan 23-24) in Ontario. It would have been helpful to have spread them out a bit to create more opportunities for racing.

  4. 3 races?.... I know the Muskoka race is the day after ours, but haven't heard of a 3rd.

    Yes, it's so tough to arrange race dates so far in advance. In our case, we only had basically two weekends to choose from as Frontenac Park has many other winter activities and courses (the other date option for us conflicted with the Snowshoe Raid Adventure race that Dion is sponsoring as well).

    It's unfortunate that Frontenac is the same weekend as Muskoka, but we have been trying to cross promote both races, so hope to have a good turnout at each and possibly more options for 2011.

    Conditions are great right now. Should be a good winter.

    John, if you're interested and thinking about being in Kingston this weekend, we're going to be running the Frontenac course on Sunday starting at 1:45pm.

  5. I think there's one at Creemore as well on the 24th.

    Interested, but won't be in Kingston this weekend. Thanks for the invite, though. Have a good time.

  6. Ah yes. It doesn't sound like it's a race, but is an organized run. It is also being held on roads and trails, so not a snowshoe event. Sounds like fun though.