Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Year Ending Totals

Just got back from my last run of 2008, so can put the year to rest now.

Have been pretty sick the past week, so was good therapy looking back through my log over the year and totalling things up. I was very pleased with 2008 training and races.

2008 Training totals...
Total # of hours = 624 hrs & 33 minutes of running
Average per day = 1 hr and 42 mins of running
Total # of runs = 553
~ all totals are my highest ever.

Running Steak = Christmas Day 2008 marked my 19 consecutive year of running every day without taking a day off (6,946 days in a row as of today).

Looking forward to 2009, with key races at this point being Rock and Ice Ultra and Haliburton 100miler.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Snowshoe Mag: 19 years and still streakin'

I have always enjoyed Christmas. Not only is it a great time to spend with family and friends, it’s also the day each year that I celebrate my secret life as a streaker. Yes, you heard me right, as of Christmas Day, I have been streaking for 19 years and still going strong....

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pulk Running

Before the recent meltdown, I was getting in some great pulk runs. This is the pulk and design that I'm planning to use for Rock and Ice. The more time I can spend running with it the better. As you can see, we've lost quite a bit of snow and a lot more in the past few days, so I may be back pulling 'Bubba the tire' again soon.

Here are a few pics and videos of a recent pulk run.

Going grocery shopping with the pulk....

Running through Downtown Yarker...

On the road before hitting the trails...

Ah...this is better. Back in our natural environment...

This run was a little different than most and a strange way to get groceries, but was fun just the same. Even with all the funny looks.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Training Log: Dec 22 - 28 (8:06)

Good start to the week and feeling great, then came down pretty sick. Will have to probably take it pretty easy for the next week to recover. Frustrating timing, but better than if it had happened in a couple of months from now. The new prescription dr gave me didn't help this time, so will switch back and be good for next time.

Week Ending total = 8:06

Mon/22 (2:32)
am (1:58) Crosslites/Dions. Ran with pulk to Paudyns and did one loop on snowshoes with pulk, then a second loop without pulk, then ran with pulk home. Very tough pulling, but great to get the trail packed down a little. A little tired from yesterday.
pm (:34) RAceblades/Dions. Easy snowshoe run on Paudyn loop with Sara. Nice night out.

Tue/23 (2:19)
am (1:34) Crosslites/Dions. Ran with pulk to Paudyn loop, one loop without pulk, then ran home with pulk along Cat trail to Boundary Road. Trail is in great shape now. Good run.
pm (:45) Crosslites/Dions. Beautiful night out. Snowshoe run with Sara on Paudyn loop. Opened up the upper loop to get a few more minutes. Almost didn't run tonight, but couldn't resist. Eye infection and on drops.

Wed/24 (1:54)
am (1:54) Crosslites/Dions. Fun run. Ran with pulk to store to get groceries. A few funny looks from people in the village. Then ran up to Paudyn loop and did two loops on snowshoes before heading home. Got another big snowfall and had to break trails again for a bit. Getting warm and snow quite heavy and wet.

pm (:20) Crosslites. Very easy on Cat East. Started feeling sick yesterday. Eye infection and running a bit of a fever.

pm (:20) Crosslites. Very easy run again. Feeling worse today, so will have to take it easy for a bit.

pm (:20) Crosslites. Very easy on road. Still very sick.

pm (:21) Crosslites. Very easy on Cat Trail. No better yet.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

All I want for Christmas is a......

Stanley Cup!!!

I have been a die-hard Boston Bruins fan ever since I started playing hockey at the age of 5 or 6. All through my hockey years, I wore #4, knew all of Bobby Orr's stats, collected Boston Bruins hockey cards and watched every game when possible. I do remember the last time the Bruins won the Cup in 1972, but there have been a number of heartbreaking misses since then (note: I have never forgiven Don Cherry and his coaching blunder that essentially cost the Bruins the cup one year).

While I quit playing hockey and took up running in 1982, I have still followed the Bruins quite closely. There have been some good teams since those early days with players like Cam Neely, Ray Bourque and Joe Thornton, but not a team like the Bobby Orr days of the early to mid 1970's. Although this could be the year.

The talent the current Bruins have in their lineup, combined with the way they are playing make them legitimate contenders for this years Stanley Cup. 37 years is a long time, but this might be the year.

Go Bruins!!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Training Log: Dec 15 - 21 (15:43)

Solid week of running including some good runs with the pulk and lots of snow later on in the week. Looking forward to getting some trails packed down now and spending some long days in the woods.

Week Ending Total = 15:43

Mon/15 (2:02)
am (1:22) Crosslite4. Easy run on Cataraqui Trail West. Icy in places. A little tired. Ankle not as stiff as it has been.
pm (:40) Skylite2. Easy again on Cat West. Legs felt a little better tonight. Ankle improving.

Tue/16 (2:28)
am (1:28) Crosslite4. Easy to Steady on K&P from Sydenham Road. Started in Rideau Trail uphill, but was floaded and not crazy about getting my feet soaked on a cold day. Came back and continued up to Unity Road, before turning back. Nice morning and felt good to run on something different.
pm (1:00) Skylite2. Tempo run. Warmup on Cat trail, then 30' tempo run past Curl Road and back. Footing was pretty good. Felt strong, but not fast. No real desire to push it harder. Ankle felt pretty good.

Wed/17 (2:44)
am (2:04) Crosslite/MicroSpikes. Tough run pulling pulk on Cat Trail West to Grass hill, then back to Boundary Road and home. Trail was fresh snow. Running with pulk was pretty hard with the drag on the soft powder. Pack was loaded in pulk with snowshoes, clothing, water and a little extra weight. Had to do a couple of quick repairs on pulk poles as rope that I fed through was cut from the edges of pole. Ended up having to just pull with a rope attached to sled for the last km or so. Will fix this by feeding a lightweight cable or coated clothesline cable through pole for next time. Run felt pretty good though. Got pretty tired by the end of the run and very hungry. Had a bottle of gatorade and a gel flask that helped a little.
pm (:40) Raceblades/Mspikes. Easy run on Cat West Trail w/Sara. Nice night.

Thu/18 (2:08)
am (1:29) Crosslite/Mspikes. Steady trail run with Taylor. Legs a little tired at start from yesterday, but loosened up. Ran Sandpit and along east shore of Varty Lake. Snow deep in places, but not enough that we needed snowshoes. Came back through Paudyn loop. Good run.
pm (:39) Dions. Nice snowshoe run on Paudyn loop with Sara. Just enough snow for snowshoe running. Beautiful night out. The calm before the storm.

Fri/19 (2:11)
am (1:30) Crosslite screwshoes. Nice run on Sandpit loop, then back through Paudyn's. Strong wind and snow storm is starting. Very cold on way back towards house. Snow starting to get deep.
pm (:41) Dions. Tough snowshoe run with Sara on Paudyn trails during snowstorm. Crazy wind and a ton of snow made it tough finding loop after dark. Was beautiful in the sheltered wooded sections.

Sat/20 (1:06)
am (1:06) Crosslites. Nice easy run with Sara on Petworth Road loop with rolling hills. Cold wind, but sunny. Decided to run on good footing this morning after storm, then hit the trails this afternoon. Ran with snowshoes in pack.

Sun/21 (3:04)
pm (3:04) Crosslites/Dions. Tough, tough run. Ran pulling pulk from the house in Crosslites, then switched to snowshoes on Cat Trail. Ran almost to Curl Road, then decided to turn back and head up to Paudyns. Hoping to get the loop packed down a little and get some good footing. Snow was pretty soft and deep, so slow going. Broke a good trail in Paudyns. Ran first loop with pulk, then second loop without. Nasty storm brewed up again, just as I was heading home. Felt good to get back on the road and have some more solid footing.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snowshoe Magazine and Sara's Blog

Here is a blog that Sara recently posted in the Athletes Blog section of Snowshoe Magazine...

Last March, Derrick took part in the BHP Billiton Rock and Ice Ultra in Yellowknife, Canada. He had an amazing time doing the three-day K-Rock race, and came home inspired to return in 2009 and take on the six-day Diamond Ultra. The Diamond race involves running with a pulk (sled) full of all your food and gear.

He will be bringing along one additional thing this year that he had to leave home last time: Me. I’m going to be taking part in the K-Rock to experience it myself. I’m really looking forward to visiting Yellowknife, as northern culture has always intrigued me.
(click here to read full blog).

Sara's New Blog...

Sara has also started her own blog to share her training and preparations for Rock and Ice. Check it out at

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rock and Ice on TriRudy

I will be posting regular updates on the e-newsletter. Below was my initial post...


( The third annual BHP Billiton Rock and Ice Ultra will be held in Yellowknife beginning March 21, 2009.

In a recent climate study of Canada's 100 largest cities, Yellowknife ranked first in: Coldest Winter, Coldest Spring, Coldest Year-Round, Most Cold Days, Most Deep Snow Cover Days, Extreme Wind Chill, Most High Wind Chill Days, Driest Winter Air. With these claims, this is definitely no ordinary race.

The BHP Billiton Rock and Ice Ultra consists of three separate distances including the one-day 55km Cold Foot Classic, the three-day 135km K-Rock Ultra and the six-day 225km Diamond Ultra. Participants can choose to race by ski or by foot/snowshoe. Over $37,000 in diamonds will be awarded to race winners in the K-Rock and Diamond races.

Those participating in the Cold Foot Classic must carry all of their supplies for the day in a backpack, K-Rock Competitors must also carry their supplies in a backpack, but have their overnight gear shuttled to stage camps at the end of the day, while Diamond Ultra racers, must pull a pulk (sled) with all of their supplies for the six days.

K-Rock and Diamond Ultra participants will sleep in teepees and tents at the stage camps each night along the trail. With the harsh climate, challenging conditions and long days of racing, this race almost takes on more of an expedition type atmosphere as opposed to a normal race.
Having participated in the K-Rock Ultra in 2008, I am pleased that I will be moving up in distance and running in the 2009 Diamond Ultra.

In the upcoming months I will be doing regular updates to share my experience with readers. Archived updates will be posted on my website at; in addition to my training log and other preparations.

I am also thrilled that my wife, Sara Montgomery, will be competing in the K-Rock Ultra. Sara will also be posting updates on her blog at .

For more information on the BHP Rock and Ice Ultra, please visit .

Dec 8 - 14 (14:32)

Wasn't quite the week that I wanted. Turned ankle pretty hard on Tuesday and has been sore, stiff and weak since then. Didn't run any hard workouts this week or a longer run, but pleased I was still able to get decent volume in otherwise. Poor footing most of the week too with melt and then a freezeup again which didn't help ankle. Should be able to build up again next week with higher mileage.

Week Ending Total = 14:32

Mon/8 (2:40)
am (1:56) Crosslite4. Easy run on Hare trail, then Cat Trail west and Paudyn loop. Cold morning, but felt pretty good. Footing tough through Hare Trail going towards the west, but the east side was good.
pm (:44) Crosslite4. Easy on Cat Trail West with Sara.

Tue/9 (2:13)
am (1:12) Crosslite4. Easy at Lemoines. Was hoping to be running on snowshoes, but not enough snow in Kingston. Turned my ankle pretty hard near the end of run.
pm (1:01) Raceblades/Microspikes. Ankle pretty sore from standing on it all day. May have strained plantar fascia at the same time. Ran Cat Trail West. Footing not great from slush freezing up.

Wed/10 (2:32)
am (1:57) Crosslite2 screwshoes. Easy to Camden East on Cat trail west and a loop through village. Footing not great and ankle pretty sore.
pm (:35) Raceblades/Microspikes. Easy run pulling pulk (20lbs). Ankle still feel pretty weak, but ok.

Thu/11 (1:35)
am (1:05) Crosslite2 screwshoes. Easy run up north trail. Snowmobiles had packed down trail, so not bad footing.
pm (:30) Crosslite4. Easy run on Cat Trail West with Sara.

Fri/12 (1:42)
am (1:01) Crosslite2 screwshoes. Easy run on north trail. Footing ok in places. Ankle still pretty sore, so took it easy.
pm (:41) Crosslite4. Easy on north trail with Sara.

Sat/13 (1:50)
am (1:10) Crosslite4. Steady on Cat West trail past Curl Road. We got a little more snow, so footing slightly better. Easier on ankle, but still pretty weak.
pm (:40) Crosslite4. Easy on Cat West trail with Sara.

Sun/14 (2:00)
pm (2:00) Crosslite4. Easy run with Sara on north trail to Sandpit, then add-on on Cat Trail West. Felt a little sluggish,but not bad. Ankle seems to be improving. Hope to start increasing more again next week.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Snowshoe Magazine

The latest issue issue of Snowshoe Magazine was sent out recently.

Sara and I contributed the following articles...

Snowshoe Magazine Interview: Keri Nelson (Nov 23, 2008):
This is the second in a series of interviews with notable snowshoe personalities that we will be presenting throughout the season.
Keri Nelson of Gunnison, Colorado was second at the 2007 USSSA Snowshoe Running Championships and then came back to win the 2008 race. (read full interview)

Gear Review: Moving Comfort Sports Bras (Nov 23, 2008):
Moving Comfort was established in 1977 when its founders wanted to make a line of workout clothing designed specifically for women’s bodies and movement. Since then, the company has stayed true to that vision, with their motto “A fit woman is a powerful woman." (read full gear review)

Gear Review: Petzl Ultra Belt Headlamp (Nov 23, 2008):
“Holy Smokes, that’s bright!” Those were the first words to come out of my mouth the first time I took the new Petzl Ultra Belt headlamp out for a test run. Well, okay, those weren’t actually the ‘exact’ words I said, but you get the idea. (read full gear review)

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Monday, December 8, 2008

Training Log: Dec 1 - 7 (18:40)

Great week of training. Some tough conditions, tough workouts, good pulling and a good long run. These are exactly the type of weeks that I'm going to have to keep stringing together before Rock and Ice. Was really great getting out for my first run with the pulk on snow and got me pretty excited thinking about the race...and it's still three months away.

Speaking of exciting...very thrilled that Sara has decided to run the K-Rock Ultra at Rock and Ice, so we'll be up there together. Our race course is the same for the first three days, then Sara will be able to come out on the course and volunteer for the last three days of my race. Will be very nice to be up there together this year.

Week Ending Total = 18:40

Mon/Dec 1 (2:51)
am (1:52) Crosslite2. Good run at Frontenac Park with Aaron. Lots of snow on the ground, but pretty wet underneath. Ran from Trail Centre along north Shore of Big Salmon Lake to Little Clear Lake and back the same way. Pretty slow going in places. Cold and a rainy at times, but sun came out on the way back, so warmed up a bit. Felt better today than the last few days.
pm (:59) Crosslite4. Soggy run on Cat Trail West w/Sara. Took it pretty easy. Felt good after morning run, but pretty hungry.

Tue/2 (2:34)
am (1:13) Raceblade Screwshoes. Early morning run at 6am before work. Started out with Sara, then ran to Curl Road on Cataraqui Trail West. Trail and road was quite icy, so glad to be wearing screwshoes. Woke up a bit on the way back and started to feel better. Nice to get out early for a change.
pm (1:21) Raceblade screwshoes. Tempo run. Warmup on Cat Trail West. 40min tempo run to Camden East and back. Footing very icy, but got into a groove and felt pretty good. Ankles felt a little wobbly from the poor footing, but ok.

Wed/3 (2:30)
am (2:00) Raceblade screwshoes. Started in Yarker and ran Cataraqui Trail to Crazy dog trail and along the west side of Varty Lake until marsh. Added on Paudyn loop to get in time once I got back to Yarker. Felt quite good.
pm (:30) Frees. Bubba run. Ran pulling Bubba the tire on our dirt road, down the hill into Colebrooke. Coming back was a real treat as there is close to a mile of uphill running before getting to the top of Boon hill. Legs were pretty pooched by the end of the run.

Thu/4 (2:25)
am (1:11) Skylite2. Ran Cat Trail West past Curl Road. Legs very tired at the start from pulling yesterday, but just took it pretty relaxed and felt quite good by the end. Even though I forced myself to slow down a couple of times because I thought I was tired, but times along the trail were about normal.
pm (1:14) Gazelle2. Hill Repeats. Warmed up in Newburgh. Then 30 minutes of Upper Newburgh hill (about 2mins each uphill). Legs pretty tired from yesterday. Solid workout though. Beautiful night.

Fri/5 (1:40)
am (:54) Skylite2. Ran with Eliza in Sydenham during her workout on Cataraqui Trail and Clearwater Road. Eliza is running very well and looked strong.
pm (:46) Raceblade screwshoes. Easy run with Sara on Paudyn Loop. Took it very easy as a recovery day. Felt pretty good.

Sat/6 (4:31)
am (4:31) Crosslite2 screwshoes. Ran at Frontenac Park with Sara. From Trail Centre, ran out on north shore of Big Salmon Lake, then up northeast end of park before coming back through 'Portage from Hell' and Arkon East. Had to add on some on Big Salmon Road to get in 4.5 hrs. Felt pretty good. Took plenty of fuel in hydration pack. Footing was pretty tough in places with quite a bit of crusty snow. Slow going and had to work pretty hard.

Sun/7 (2:09)
am (1:18) Crosslite4. Easy run on soft powder snow on the Cataraqui Trail West with Sara. Cool breeze. We both wanted to take it easy and run on a flat surface after yesterdays tough footing.
pm (:51) Crosslite2 screwshoes. First run while pulling Bubba the Pulk (sled). Ran Cat Trail West again. Felt great. Pulk was very comfortable with Nathan pack and rope fed through ski poles to pulk. Loaded a 20lb dumbell for an extra bit of resistance. Was really nice to not be pulling a tire for once, but be hooked up to the pulk. I think the training runs with the tire have helped a lot. Beautiful night out and felt like I could have run for a long time. Looking forward to it!