Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dion Frontenac Snowshoe Race - Course Conditions Update

(Jan 21/10) I just got back from a snowshoe run at Frontenac Park on the race course for this weekend’s Dion Frontenac Snowshoe Race. The course is still in excellent shape and we will be using our planned route. No snow has been lost there since last Sunday and it looks like they have even received a few cm’s of snow in addition.

The snow is quite packed down so the conditions will be pretty fast for the most part. Due to the hardening of the snow after mild conditions there are a few sections where the footing is a bit uneven, however this improved with even just me running over it the one time today. We will be running the course at least twice more before race day to pack it down and smooth it out a bit more.

There are still a few sections from the 2-4km point that have some rocks, roots and stumps to go around, but this is easily done. You will just need to be a little more careful on this section and watch your footing…especially on the downhills.

After the 4km point it is lightning fast and exceptionally good conditions. Save some energy for this section as you’ll want to be flying and will have a blast.

The final 2km will be packed down very nicely after the start of the race, so conditions will be great here as well and make for a fast finish.

If you have any questions about the race or course conditions, please post a comment below or email me directly.

Oh, just one more thing. CKWS TV in Kingston interviewed me for the race and will be airing the interview either tonight or Friday night during the news broadcast.

See you on race day!

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