Monday, July 28, 2008

July 21 - 27 (13:45)

Mon (1:35)
am (1:00) Crosslite3. Legs a little tired from yesterday, but not bad. Loosened up as I ran. Ran north trail towards sandpit. A little muddy in places after all the rain. Ab workout.
pm (:35) Gazelles/Barefoot. Ran easy on home grass trails. First 18 minutes in shoes, last 17 minutes barefoot. Felt a little tired, but not bad. Nice to get back doing some barefoot again.
~ Cracked open a new pair of Crosslites today. Hard to believe that my old pair have lasted me since Feb as I've done the bulk of my running in them. Fit like a glove, lightweight and great traction. Awesome shoe! Sad to retire the old pair.

Tue (1:46)
am (:46) Crosslite3. Easy out Cataraqui Trail West. Light rain which helped to keep it a little cooler.
pm (1:00) Skylites. Warmup for 20 mins to trail. Tempo run for 30 minutes on Cataraqui Trail East. Cooldown for 20 mins home. Started out and felt great. Very comfortable at the beginning, but found that I had to really focus to maintain pace for last 10 minutes. Just a little rusty and lacking some strength still from being sick. Good workout though.

Wed (1:56)
am (1:16) Crosslite3. Cataraqui Trail West to grass hill. Pretty hot today. Got a little tired near the end but felt ok. Ab workout.
pm (:40) Frees/Barefoot. Ran easy on home grass trails. First 20' on shoes, last 20' barefoot. Raining pretty hard. Ran offleash with dogs in the rain which was fun.
~ Went to Skatepark with Brennan and Heather in Madoc. Very cool place for Skateboarding and BMX. Tried out Bren's BMX on the ramps. Wasn't brave enough to try his skateboard on them though.

Brennan showing how it's done at the Skatepark...

Derrick showing how it's NOT done at the Skatepark...

A couple of inukshuks...
Thu (1:44)
am (:30) Raceblades. Easy on grass home trail. Felt like I needed an easy morning, and planning a harder run this evening.
pm (1:14) Gazelle. Track workout at NDSS. Warmup: 22mins, stretch, drills, strides. 6 x 1000m w/2' jog recovery in 3:36, 3:34, 3:34, 3:31, 3:28, 3:26. Cooldown: 20 mins. Felt pretty good. Was tired going in, but pleased with workout.

Fr (1:51)
am (1:20) Waverider. Easy at Lemoines. Lots of water on trail. Left plantar fascia was a little tight after track last night so wore Waveriders. Felt much bulkier than what I have been wearing lately. Foot fine.
pm (:31) Frees/Barefoot. Easy on grass trail at home. First 15' in shoes, last 16' barefoot. Felt good. Ab workout.
~ Twisted my right knee on my shift at Running Room today and was a little tender. Think it is fine, but noticed it running tonight.

Sat (:45)
pm (:45) Skylites. Easy recovery day with Sara. Knee felt fine.
~ Power out for 5+ hrs today during bad thunderstorm. Decided to go to Boston Pizza for dinner with Brennan and Heather. Hope my stomach doesn't regret the restaurant food tomorrow.

Sun (4:08)
pm (4:08) Crosslite3. Frontenac Park from Trail Centre, Big Salmon South, north along east of Little Clear up to Birch Lake and around Arkon West to TC. Was a little tired going into it. Stomach upset from restaurant food last night. Felt a little rough from 2-3hrs, then began to feel better. Nice run. Sara had a great one. Funny, didn't see much wildlife other than 4 huge Black rat snakes (ugly buggers) and a whack of deer flies.
~ Oh yeah, the only other wildlife we saw was author/outdoor fanatic Alec Ross (Coke Stop in Emo). We never see other runners on the trails, but met Alec about a mile in, as he'd just finished up a canoe trip. Alec once gave me the tip to use Macademia nuts for fastpacking as they are high in calories/fat and very lightweight to carry....have used them often since and they have saved my butt a number of times.

Week Ending Total = 13:45
~ Very pleased with week.

Monday, July 21, 2008

July 14 - 20 (10:37)

Mon (:50)
pm (:50) Crosslites1. Ran K&P from Sydenham partway to meet Sara who was running from Kingston. Took it easy and felt pretty good. Still weak, but feeling much better.

Tue (1:10)
am (:30) Zoom Streaks. Easy running on Fort Henry Trails. Felt good.
pm (:40) CL1. Easy with Sara on Cataraqui Trail West from home. First double since sick.
~ Finally on the mend. Celebrated by having lunch with Sara at Little Saigon before weekly shift at Running Room. Had, what else, a #64...Spicy tofu (instead of chicken....animals are human too!) with rice, peppers and cashews. Yum! If you haven't tried Little Saigon, you should! Great food, very reasonable prices and friendly staff.

Wed (1:21)
am (1:00) Gazelles. Cat Trail W and back. Nice run. Quite hot and humid today. Probably started a little harder than I should have, but felt good to be running more again. Last 10 minutes was a little tired. Got stung by a bee, but didn't react too much. Took Reactin, which helped.
pm (:21) ZS. Easy grass run on home trail with Sara. A little tired after morning run.

Thu (1:21)
am (:20) Skylites. Easy grass run on home trail with Siku the wonder puppy. Felt good.
pm (1:01) Skylites. Easy run on Cat W trail with Sara. Very hot out, but feels good to be running more.
~ Spent the early afternoon at skateboard park in Napanee with Brennan and Heather and I think I am improving...Brennan's not so sure I am though. I didn't fall once (definitely not once)!

Fri (1:36)
am (:30) Skylites. Easy grass run on home trail.
pm (1:06) Gazelles. Track workout (NDSS). Warmup, stretch, drills, strides, 8 x 400m w/90 sec jog recovery in 84,83,82,80,80,80,80,80. Ran steady, didn't push too hard as first workout back after beeing sick. Felt surprisingly good.

Sat (1:18)
am (:47) Skylites. Ran steady to Harrowsmith on Cat Trail East to Heather's soccer game. Very hot and very humid. Legs a little tired from yesterday.
pm (:31) Slingshots. Very easy grass run on home trail. Extremely hot and humid.
~ Heather's 2 final playoff games took place today and she played great. Probably her best games of the season. They won the first game 5-4, then lost the second game 3-1, so ended up finishing second in the B division. Great season. Heather improved a great deal over the course of the season, as did her team as a whole.

pm (3:01) Crosslites1. Good run at Frontenac Park with Sara. Ran from Big Salmon Parking along north shore, around Little Clear Lake, up Moulton Gorge and back along Arkon E, then added on an out and back along Big Salmon South. Felt great, but got a little tired near the end. Deer flies were vicious. Very good to be back running a little longer again.

Week Ending = 10:37
~ Feels very good to be back!

Monday, July 14, 2008

July 7 - 13 (4:03)

pm (:41) Gazelles. Ran Cataraqui Trail West. Felt good to be running a little more, but tired near the end. Still very weak.

pm (:37) Skylites. Cat W trail. Ran the first 20' easy with Sara and then a little quicker back. Not much energy, but better than last week for sure.

pm (:20) Zoom Streak. Easy on home trails.

pm (:45) Crosslite2. Easy on Cat W with Sara. Felt ok tonight.

am (:40) Frees. Easy at Lemoines. Didn't feel very good. Very tired.

pm (:20) Five Fingers. Easy on home trail. Felt a little better today.

pm (:40) Skylites. Easy on Cat W trail with Sara. Finally starting to feel a little better.

Weekly total = 4:03
~ Finally had an encouraging day and starting to feel better on Sun. Three weeks of down time is pretty frustrating, but hope to start increasing back towards normal this week.

Monday, July 7, 2008

June 30 - July 6 (2:57)

pm (:20) Fireblades. Easy on home trail.

pm (:20) FB. Same

pm (:20) FB. Same

pm (:20) ZS. Same.

pm (:33) Frees. Warmed up with Sara at Napanee track for 20' easy on grass. Then jogged another 13' during her cooldown. Felt a little better today maybe. Nice to see something different on a run. Still pretty weak and tired though.

pm (:30) Gazelles. Ran road to Warner trail loop with Sara. Felt like I had a little more energy today. Hoping to start feeling back to normal soon.

pm (:34) Skylites. Easy on road to Warner Trail, Cat E and back with Sara. Felt a little better today, but still pretty weak at time.

Week Total =
~ Very frustrating week, Thought I might have been feeling better, then started feeling worse again. It's been a total of over 2 weeks now. Hoping that the worst of SJS is behind me now and that I start feeling better soon and can run a little more next week.