Monday, May 26, 2008

May 19 - 25 (6:23)

Mon (:42)
pm (:42) Crosslite1. Easy run on Cat Trail from Newburgh with Sara. Felt pretty good and rested. IT band still sore from rolling ankle and compensating on Sat. Could also be a little from mile repeats last week too? (stupid). Left foot 4th metatarsal a little sore from roll too.

Tue (:20)
pm (:20) Raceblades. Easy on Cat E. Left IT band sore. Foot sore when I put on my shoes, but then ok once running. Taper madness setting in.

Wed (:46)
pm (:46) CL2. Cat trail W. Easy - steady. Left ITB still a little tight.

Thu (:20)
pm (:20) RB. Easy on Cat E. ITB still tight but seemed to loosen up a little.

Fri (:30)
am (:30) CL2. Easy run to Bridge. ITB felt pretty good today. Seemed better than it has been. Foot ok too.

Sat (3:23)
am (3:23) CL2. Sulphur Springs. DNF at 25miles. Started out fairly comfortably. ITB seemed to loosen up and wasn't noticable, but then it started to stiffen gradually and at 2 hrs was pretty painful. Hip began to seize up from this too. Felt pretty good otherwise to this point, other than quads a little stiff. Knew it was going to keep gradually getting worse, so decided to stop after 2 loops. A little frustrated as I think ITB would have been much better with just a few more days of easy running. Foot was good. Sara got turned around and went off course in the 25km and didn't finish either. Tough day for our house. Adam Hill looked good and won 50miler in 6:30.

Sun (:22)
pm (:22) CL1. Easy on home grass trails. Quads a little stiff. ITB good at the start, but stiffened up. Foot was sore when I put shoes on, but fine when running. Strange about foot as I realized when I press underneath outside of ankle that it sends a nerve spasm down to my 4th toe. Really strange.

Week total = 6:23
~ Not exactly the way I wanted the week to finish. Look forward to healing and getting back at it. I think ITB will turn around pretty quickly and should be back to hard training before too long. Just unsure what to focus on now. Was hoping the outcome would have told me what to train for next, but didn't tell me anything.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

May 12 - 18 (11:14)

Mon (1:50)
am (1:12) Crosslite1. Colebrooke and Paudyn loops. Legs felt surprisingly good after long run yesterday. Didn't get much sleep either as took Brennan to DOA concert. Good show.
pm (:38) Skylites. Hare East trail. Felt pretty good. Wanted to go longer and harder, but taking a recovery day.

Tue (:41)
am (0) Recovery day. Also drove to Ottawa for a meeting.
pm (:41) SL. Nice relaxed run with Sara on Hare trail E. Legs feel very spry.

Wed (2:23)
am (1:47) CL2. Nice run. Cat West to Varty Lake West trail. Went as far as I could until flooded out. Steady. Didn't eat enough yesterday and felt a little flat by the end today.
pm (:36) SL. Easy run with Sara on Hare trail E.

Thu (2:15)
am (:55) CL1. Little Cat Loop. Saw a mother fox feeding her 5 pups just as I was finishing. Very cute. The mother ran to the tree line and the five pups just watched me until I left.
pm (1:20) SL. Interval workout at Lemoines using mile cutoff loop for repeats. 5x mile in 5:52, 5:41, 5:40, 5:38, 5:38 w/2:30 jog recovery. A couple of hills on loop. Pleased with effort. Felt smooth.

Fri (1:10)
am (1:10) CL2. Ran in Kingston. Division St to Rideau Trail and along grass on Waterfront. Felt a little tired from last night, but pretty good.
pm (0)

Sat (:55)
am (:55) CL2. Easy-Steady on Paudyn Loop. Felt very good. Rolled left ankle.
pm (0)

Sun (2:00)
pm (2:00) CL2. Easy with Sara on Hare E for first 45', then Cat W to Sandpit loop. Felt a little flat but ok. Left knee a little sore from turning ankle yesterday.

Weekly total = 11:14

Monday, May 12, 2008

May 5 - 11 (17:43)

Mon (2:02)
am (1:20) Raceblades. Ran Cataraqui trail West to grass hill. Legs a little tired from long run yesterday, but felt good.
pm (:42) Fireblades. Hare Trail East loop w/ Sara. Took it easy. Legs pretty sore tonight.

Tue (2:15)
am (1:13) Crosslites2. K&P trail from Binnington. Was a little annoying as I couldn't find the trailhead from the 'official' start point, so ran back to Sir John A to use grass trail I used in the winter. Legs still a little sore at first, but loosened up quickly. Beautiful morning.
pm (1:12) Wave Riders. 30 ' Tempo run. Gould Lake. Warmed up from Bedford Road on Wagon Trail to Barn, then rolling 30 minute (29:45 to starting point) tempo on Gould Lake Road (loose gravel) to top of Steep hill and back. Cooldown out Wagon trail. Quads still pretty sore from Sunday. Downhills were tough, so just took it steady. Looking forward to doing same route again on fresher legs.

Wed (2:41)
am (2:02) CL1. Cat E to Hare trail, East Hare Loop, then back the same. Quads still a little sore, but loosened up during the run.
pm (:39) Skylites. Hare trail east with Sara. Skylites felt great. Same fit as Crosslites, but lighter, closer to the ground, great grip on wet rock and a little more flexible.

Thu (2:36)
am (1:20) SL. Cat trail E to grass hill. Felt good. Legs feel well recovered now. Left foot a little sore from gravel road tempo the other day, but not bad.
pm (1:16) SL. 5 x 5 mins hard w/2 min jog recovery on Cat trail E. Felt pretty good. Not much speed, but feel strong.

Fri (2:02)
am (1:21) RB. Sandpit and Paudyn trail loops. Beautiful morning. Foot feeling better today. Legs good after workout last night. Quads a little sore, but not bad.
pm (:41) FB. Hunt club trails from Camden East. Nice and easy. Felt good.

Sat (2:00)
am (1:13) RB. Colebrooke and Paudyn trail loops. Legs felt much more recovered today and wanted to run more, but felt I needed to keep it light.
pm (:47) FB. Easy run with Sara on Hare trail East. Beautiful day out.

Sun (4:07)
pm (4:07) RB. Frontenac Park from Big Salmon Parking lot. North shore to Little Clear, Moulton Gorge, Birch Lake, Arkon loop, Big Salmon Parking, then Corridor South and Doe Lake Loop. Good run. With Sara for first 3 hrs. A little more tired than last week. Didn't fuel as well. Legs felt good though.

Week Ending = 17:43
~ Cut back a little next week and then taper into Sulphur.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

April 28 - May 4 (16:02)

am (:30) Raceblades. Easy run to bridge.
pm (:45) Crosslites. Paudyn Loop. Feeling better each day.

am (:45) CL. Easy-steady run at Lemoine Point. Beautiful morning.
pm (1:03) CL. Great run at Little Cat w/Sara. Feels good to be back running more. Starving though. Polished off an entire med pizza myself at Pizza Hut after!

am (1:30) CL. Steady on Cat W trail to Avenstone. Steady run, just short of tempo pace for middle 30'. Weird weather. Sunny at start, blizzard conditions for tempo portion, then sunny again at the end. Fun! Felt pretty good.
pm (:30) RB. Easy run to bridge. Legs a little tired tonight.

am (1:23) RB. Great run. Felt really good. Nice and cool morning. Ran the Sandpit loop + Paudyns. Had a hard time holding back. Nice to be feeling back to normal.
pm (:48) Fireblades. Easy with Sara on Sandpit loop from Yarker.

am (1:30) RB. Sandpit, Colebrooke and Paudyn trails. Cold rain, but felt good. Pretty sure I scared up a blackbear. Very sure I smelled one.
pm (:40) FB. Hare trail with Sara and Meela. Meela came close to yet another porcupine encounter.

am (1:00) CL. Cat Trail W with Sara.
pm (:38) Nike Free's. North Trail easy with Sara.

pm (5:00) CL. Great run at Frontenac Park. Nice cool day. Ran Big Salmon Loop, Arkon, Doe, then 2x Arab Gorge to get in 5hrs. Ran with Sara on Big Salmon. Felt good. Well fueled. Just crazy to think that being out there for this long on a beautiful day and didn't see another person on the trail! 6 deer, blue heron, 2 porcupines (including a baby one....amazing they can be so pointy, but so cute). Always a good run when you see more wildlife than people.

Weekly total = 16:02
~ Great week back after being sick. Off antibiotics now. Still have a bit of a cough, but feeling good. Felt good to get a strong long run in and was a good test before Sulphur. Feel comfortable registering for the 50miler now.