Sunday, October 4, 2009

Week of Sept 28- Oct 4

Races of the Week:
A couple of big races this past week...

Run For The Toad:
Run for the Toad is the biggest trail race in Canada. Over 1000 runners racing at either 25km or 50km. Taylor Murphy had a great ultra debut in winning the 50km in a new course record of 3:23. Canada's top marathoner Reid Coolsaet won the 25km, also in a new course record of 1:28. The third course record of the day went to Ellie Greenwood in the women's 50km, smashing the old women's course record in a time of 3:54. Great races!
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Grindstone 100miler:
A very gnarly 100miler in the southeast U.S. that is the brain child of Canadian Clarke Zealand who is currently living in Virginia. La Sportiva Mountain Running Team member Karl Meltzer made the trip from Utah and picked up yet another 100mile win this year in a new course record of 18:46.
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PEC Marathon/Half Marathon:
While the PEC Marathon/Half Marathon is not a trail race or ultra, I just wanted to say congrats to friend and neighbour 'Barefoot Clive Morgan' for winning the Half Marathon overall. Clive ran the half in a great time of 1:22 and raced the entire way barefoot. This is the longest race he has done barefoot on the roads to date. (Note: No thanks Clive, I'll stick to the trails and grass for my barefooting!). It should also be mentioned that Clive is 50years young! Great job Clive.
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Training Summary:
~ It felt good to get back into a somewhat normal training week. Early in the week I felt a little sluggish, but felt great as the week progressed. Looking forward to the next few weeks of training and then off to Banff for a fun filled week of Mountain Running during Sara's conference.
Total # of hours this week: 12:57
Total # of runs this week: 11
2009 total # of hours: 483:06
2009 total # of days: 283
2009 total # of runs: 361
Streak: 7222 days in a row
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  1. Glad to see you back running - last week had to be one of the best weeks of running this year. A little wet - but perfect temperatures.

    1:22 half, barefoot - crazy

    You'll have a few nice "hills" in Banff, that will wake up some muscles.

  2. Impressive results, just amazing. Congrats Taylor, Reid, Ellie (holy smokes!), Karl, and Clive!

    Taylor - You are the newest URG!
    Clive - Barefoot half! Awesome race, good for you. Marathon PB coming up?