Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Canadian Thanksgiving

The Canadian Thanksgiving was this past weekend. Thanksgiving to me is more than just about food. I’m thankful for a number of things in my life each day especially health and happiness, so don’t really need one day just to celebrate. Not surprising, all of my favourite Thanksgivings have involved being outdoors. I have some great memories of a number of Thanksgiving Day trail runs with some of the Murphy Bros. (and Joe T) or Sara, and this past weekend had a great trail run with Keith on Saturday (we also shared an incredible Thanksgiving dinner at Keith and Jenn’s on Monday too. Thanks again guys).

While Sara and I didn’t spend Thanksgiving with family this year, we did celebrate it a week early with my parents and Brennan and Heather. Our day consisted of sharing ‘our’ trails at Frontenac Park with them. We went for a really nice 2 ½ hour hike in the woods. The weather was perfect and the views awesome. It was just a wonderful day to be outdoors.

Impromptu things always seem to happen when we go on hikes. Things got a little competitive when we came to a rock that Brennan had tried to climb in the past, but had been unsuccessful. We weren’t leaving this time until Brennan had made it to the top and spent a full 30 minutes taking turns trying. You can watch the videos below to see the results. It made me laugh at the competition between Brennan and Heather. Listen closely and you can hear Heather whispering at Brennan to ‘fall, fall, fall’, while Brennan is being Mr. Nice guy and trying to show his sister how to get to the top.

The day was topped off in normal fashion with a good old campfire in our backyard. The plan was to cook quesadillas over the campfire, but we eventually got rained out. Oh well, it was still a very memorable day.

Video of Brennan and Heather bouldering...

My awkward attempt (hey, I never told La Sportiva that I was a climber!)...

Click image for more photos from our hike at Frontenac Park...


  1. Looks like that Garter snake had a good Thanksgiving dinner too!

  2. Looks like great times.

    I agree that everyday is "thanksgiving", rarely a day goes by that I don't stop, even for a quick second, and a thankful for what I have and what I am able to do.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving. Is it about turkey up there?

  4. George...nope, it's all about 'tofu-rkey' ;)

  5. ....and good Canadian beer!

  6. That's great Derrick! Best wishes to you down at out for Jeff Browning. I have a feeling you two will be pushing each other. Run like you climb those boulders...with precision and fluidity!! ;0) Take care!