Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ozark Trail 100

Well, I'm back into a regular training routine again and have already decided what's next.

I've signed up for the Ozark Trail 100mile race on November 7 in Missouri. This is a first year race that is on a point to point course. They drop you off at the start line and then you run on the Ozark Trail for 100 miles (101.5 miles actually) of single track trail until the finish line. The course looks hilly and technical...yummy!

I decided to do another 100miler this soon as I felt like I recovered relatively quickly from Haliburton and I really want to see how my body responds to another one so soon. It looks like there is going to be a very deep and competitive field, so it's going to be really tough holding back early on. While I had some clear set goals going into Haliburton, I honestly don't have any for the OT100 other than to run relaxed, enjoy the experience and learn from it for the future. I can't wait as the course looks incredible.

It's going to be pretty strange at this race as I will be totally on my own. No crew and no pacer. There aren't many drop bags available either, so I'll have to carry more food, water and gear with me along the way. Should be quite the adventure!


  1. Can't believe I'm not going to be there. The trail sounds great, and it will be fun to figure out the logistics for a point to point. That logo is hilarious...Love the toe sticking out.

  2. good for you Derrick we'll have to head out for some long stuff as soon as we can need to get in some easy long stuff soon too much asphalt on these legs lately! email me later to let me know what your sch. looks like

  3. What Sara said, Umpf!!!

    So cool - loved the look of the trail. Should be an interesting race for you. Play a little dueling banjos to get you in the spirit.

  4. I like the "100 Mile Endurance Run". As opposed to what? A 100 Mile easy run?

    Sure looks like a nice trail.

  5. Sara, it is going to be very weird without you there. Don't really like the thought, but will be fun to share it after. Will be thinking of you lots!

    David, Keith, JD...same thing. That's what I like about Haliburton too...other than the course. It's really comforting to have people you know out there.

    Yes, David...I can't get the dueling banjos out of my head. I actually have my father's bango here that I might have to pull out for a tune or two.

  6. You'll meet a whole bunch of really cool people, guaranteed! Not as cool as all of us, of course, but still great. ;) It will be so fun to hear the stories, and maybe think about doing this one some time in the future.

    I held the door for a guy on crutches this morning and had a flashback to you not knowing if you'd be able to run as much/well post-fracture!

  7. Me So Envious! I had been checking out both the Ozark and the Pinhoti. It'll be awesome.