Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hello From Banff....sell our stuff!

We've been here since Thursday and are having a great time. Sara's conference doesn't start until Monday, so that's given us lots of time to enjoy the sights, get some nice runs in and visit with friends (who have provided us with great tips and great food!).

Sara and I are unfortunately both fighting some frustrating injuries right now, so are not running as much as we originally had planned. We've been making the most of it though and searching out unique runs in areas that expose us more to the off the beaten path gems. Words don't describe it here and our pictures do not do it justice. Truly magnificant and majestic.

After about 5minutes of pondering once we arrived, we've decided to stay here. So, please sell all of our stuff and come visit;) You'll find us somewhere in the mountains with big smiles on our faces:)

Here is a sample of a few of the things we've seen so far.

Lake Louise from partway up Little Beehive...
Downtown Banff...
Running up Little Beehive...
Running into Johnson Canyan and the Ink Pots... Rugged wilderness into Bow Glacier...Peyto Lake...
Bow Lake...
Making friends with the wildlife...
Truly Canadian...
Sara will be busy with her conference over the next few days, but is still hoping to get out on the trails and in the mountains as much as possible this week.

Thanks very much to Keith and Leslie, Gene and Sue and Magi for great food, great company and great trail tips. Oh, and Phil too for some good tips as well even though we missed him on our trip.


  1. Hey Rick -

    Beautiful photos! Sounds like you've developed a bad case of mountain fever. Maybe it runs in the family. I can tell you for sure that it's completely incurable, at least it has been for me. Enjoy the rest of your time there!


  2. Ha, I knew you'd be staying :)

    Beautiful shots - the temperature must be just perfect.

    We'll start the Garage sale - dogs will be shipped out on Tuesday ;)


  3. Get a big place for if the children and the dogs come, we come too.

  4. Make sure you buy a house with a little guest house in the back yard!

  5. Whoa! That is crazy beautiful!

  6. Peyto lake looks like Meela. :) And the Rockies look beautiful!

  7. Absolutely stunning! Brings back so many memories. It's a good thing that we're not there 'cause the kids wouldn't be happy with moving. :)
    Sara - Good luck with your conference and presentation. You'll be great.
    Keep enjoying the special, magical places and we'll be anxiously awaiting more pics so we can dream about being there with you.

  8. I need to take a trip out that way. I have never been and hear nothing but amazing stuff about it.

    I am full of envious rage!!

  9. Welcome to my world! I'm soooo spoiled. It was awesome to meet you both.

  10. Just come another 900km farther west and I'll take you for a run up the Grouse Grind.

  11. On second thought don't bother coming. Your mom and sister are visiting me next week and I'll run the Grind with them

    Black Toes

  12. Wow - the color of the water is amazing. Beautiful pics

  13. It was a very fun trip and we feel fortunate to be able to have combined it with Sara's conference. Will post some photos from the second half of our trip soon.