Monday, June 15, 2009

Week Ending June 14 (18:21)

I was very pleased to get another solid week of training in. Back to back 18+ hour weeks have left me feeling strong and confident in my ability to recover right now. I had a couple of longer runs including a 3:38 run with Bryon Powell on Friday. Aside from the volume, I've also been very happy with how some of the quality workouts have felt recently. My uphill treadmill workout on Tuesday felt good as did a 40min flat tempo run on Saturday. I expect my daily volume will be a bit less this coming week, but planning to do a longer run on Friday, so it will average out somewhat.

Training Log Summary:
Total # of hours this week: 18:21
Total # of runs this week: 13
2009 total # of hours: 264:25
2009 total # of days: 171
2009 total # of runs: 213
Streak: 7,111 days in a row
Training Log Details: click here


  1. I picked up some KD. ;)

  2. did someone say shooters and ditch dogs!!!!

  3. Terrific weekd D. You just keep raising that bar. Your recovery hours and nutition are spot on, must get me some of that KD - White cheese you say - Ah the Breakfast of champions.

  4. Drat!.....out of KD in the house again!