Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Feed me now!

With running fairly high mileage comes with it the added joy, burden and sometimes annoyance of craving any and all food non-stop. Finish one meal or snack and start thinking about what else is in the house to devour next.

I consider the basics of my/our diet to be fairly good. While I don’t eat meat of any kind, I do get a very well rounded diet including lots of fruits, veggies, beans, tofu, etc…

Sometimes though, you just start craving all these things that you wouldn’t normally touch. ‘Feed me now and feed me often’ is becoming my mantra during the day and I don’t give a rats ass what it is….including a rats ass (except I guess that would be considered meat).

Kraft Dinner (KD) is a case in point. I hadn’t really thought about it in years; however during a run with Taylor Murphy last week, he planted it in my head as being his favourite food to have while camping.

So, finally yesterday we hit the groc store and picked up some good old KD for dinner for after our evening run. My stomach was growling with anticipation during the whole run, and wasn’t disappointed.

The White Cheddar KD rocks!...especially when extra cheese, Diana sauce, hot peppers and our secret ‘Freeman Spice’ is added.

The whole bowl of KD only lasted for about 30secs, but was pure joy. This, of course, was followed up appropriately enough with the biggest bowl of Rolo ice cream ever scooped.

Hmmmm….Is it lunch time yet?


  1. I have to say, I eat fast, but I was SHOCKED by how quickly your bowl was gone. You took snarfing to a whole new level. Mali would be proud.

  2. That rocks in my kids eyes! I like the Easy Mac kraft dinner combined with a can of tuna and hot sauce

    Ditch Dogs!!1 Need I Say More!!!!


  4. An ode to KD - love it. In fact, love it so much that's exactly what we had at our campsite last weekend. Throw in some broccoli slaw to cook with the noodles - that works too and gives the illusion of healthy. I'm going to try your variation too.
    P.S. Is Freeman spice really a secret? I might have told a few people ... uh oh! I'll have to kill them now.

  5. Surprised there are so many closet KD fans out there.

    Keith, is it the Ditch Dogs or the B-Day shooters that have you feeling rough these days?

    Can't believe you let the secret out!!!