Thursday, June 25, 2009

School's Out!

Hard to believe the school year has ended.

It's been a fantastic year for both Brennan and Heather. They brought home their report cards yesterday and did extremely well. Very good report cards for both and the thing that I liked the most is that they worked very hard and continued to improve over the course of the school year.
Brennan's grade 8 graduation was last night and it was very cool seeing him so confidently go up on stage. Brennan has worked very hard this year and was rewarded with some excellent grades in the third semester. He has been showing a lot of interest in art, and received a very high mark, and I'm really hoping that he pursues this further.

The big moment...
Brennan and Ryan...
Brennan and Ms. Stinson...
Brennan and his shadow...
Heather also had a great year and received a writing award for her interest and ability in writing...

Here is a video of the Odessa Tiger Tapper Percussion Group performing at the Awards Assembly. Heather is on a green bucket near the left in a green shirt...

With these photos of our Father's Day Hike last weekend into Birch Lake at Frontenac Park, it looks like summer has finally arrived.
Looking forward to lots more summer fun!


  1. Congratulations to Brennan and Heather on all of these awesome accomplishments! From a very proud West Coast aunt and uncle who wish they could be there to see all of this live. Thanks to Rick for the great photos and videos.


  2. Congrats to the Kids and Proud Pappa. Justine graduated from Grade 8 too this year.

  3. A great year for two great kids. :)
    Happy Summer, B&H!

  4. Their Grandpa and Grandma are very proud of our grandchildren. A great year for them.

  5. Congrats, Heather and Brennan!!!! It seems you must have been thinking of your other out-west aunt too when pulling in those awesome art and writing honours. Seriously, did you do that just for me?! I could not be happier for both of you! Onward and upward! Have an awesome summer!!!