Thursday, June 11, 2009

Canadian Mountain Running Championships

The Canadian Mountain Running Championships will be held this Saturday in beautiful Canmore, Alberta. The top finishers will qualify to represent Canada at the inaugural IAAF World Mountain Running Championship, NACAC Mountain Running Championships and Commonwealth Games Mountain Running Championships.

The mens field looks to be stacked with many veteran trail, xc and mountain runners, as well as a few newcomers to the mountain running scene.

Taking a quick look at the confirmed entry list, it's a good bet that the eventual mens winner will probably be one of the following...
Joel Bourgeois
Trevor Caldwell
Adam Campbell
Adrian Lambert
Lanny Mann
Taylor Murphy
Phil Villeneuve

As for the womens field, it looks to be a little more wide open. If anyone has any thoughts on either race, please feel free to comment.

Good luck to all!


  1. Going with Syl Corbett on the women's side.

    Go Tayor and Kim!!

  2. When are you two going to run that?

  3. Sounds like Phil V might not be running. Too bad.

    Hope Taylor and Kim have great races!

    Aaron...I think the course has a little too much vertical and is a little too short for this flatlander.

  4. Just noticed that Rock and Ice Ultra Diamond ski winner Mike Argue is running as well. Should be interesting.

    Would have been great to see Mike and Phil battle again, but sounds like Phil's knee will have him watching from the sidelines.

  5. Unofficial results posted on Phil's facebook page are....

    Women 8km:
    1. Amy Golumbia - Calgary, AB
    2. Brooke Gosling - Canmore, AB (Team Salomon)
    3. Jessalyn O'Donnell - Vancouver, BC
    4. Magi Scallion - Canmore, AB
    5. Dasha Gaisova - Canmore, AB
    6. Emily Solsberg - Vancouver, BC
    7. Liza Pye - Ottawa, ON (Team Salomon)
    8. Amanda Ammar - Canmore, AB
    9. ...
    10. Syl Corbett - Calgary, AB

    Men 12km:
    1. Joel Bourgois - Moncton, NB
    2. Taylor Murphy - Edmonton, AB
    3. Chris Swanson - Victoria, BC
    4. Jason Loutitt - Duncan, BC (Team Salomon)
    5. Ivan Babikov - Canmore, AB (Team Salomon)
    6. Gavin Hamilton - Calgary, AB
    7. Lanny Mann - Canmore, AB
    8. Adrian Lambert - Edmonton, AB
    9. Adam Campbell - Victoria, BC
    10. Ed McCarthy - Vancouver, BC

    Great job Taylor! A flatlander from little old Napanee, ON.

    Also, congrats to Magi from Nova Scotia, by way of Kingston, and Liza Pye from Ottawa (now Canmore).

  6. Hey Derrick-
    Yeah - Even though I couldn't run, it was super fun watching both women/men's events. Some good performances and blowups! On a course like this you can't go out too hard - and those who did paid the price.

    Should be fun to watch the crew run in Italy!

    Thanks for promoting the event!