Saturday, June 20, 2009

Frontenac Park Perimeter Run

I had a great run yesterday with Keith "Ditch Dawg" Iskiw, as we set out to run the perimeter of Frontenac Park. We started just after 11am from the Trail Centre and headed in a counterclockwise direction to get the rugged Slide Lake Loop out of the way first. The trail was in pretty good condition, with only a few spots that had quite a bit of growth over it. The northeast end of the park was the most grown over in places due to underuse.

I felt quite good. My knee was a little stiff for the first few hours, but loosened up and felt great on the hills. Very rolling and technical loop, but just beautiful. We saw a few deer, a raccoon and some baby ducks...and no other people. My favourite section of trail was along Buck Lake with lots of soft pine needles to run on. It was pretty hot in the open sections, but nice in the woods.

We ended up breaking my previous best on the loop with a running time of 5:59:37 (yay....under 6hrs!), and a total trail time of 6:19:49 (stops for treating water, pit stops, etc...). Very pleased with how the run went. All fun.

The only hiccup was that the batteries in my Steripen died at 4hrs, so we ran the last two hours with only a half litre of water each (sorry Keith), which we could have used more due to the heat. I'll remember to take backup batteries next time as they are very light (I even took them with me, but left them in the car...stupid me!).

To read Keith's report click here.


  1. what a great fun run - congrats on the sub-6. Kim and I were talking about Frontenac last night, and think we'll come down and run there on July 4th. So if you see a couple of lost souls, throw us some KD would ya.

  2. Too bad we won't be around that weekend. Looks like we're going down to Finger Lakes 50.

    If you need any trail recommendations, feel free to ask away. Arkon is a great loop that gives you a little of everything and should be under 2hrs comfortably (depending on how hard you're running).