Sunday, March 2, 2008

Feb 25 - Mar 2 (8:03)

am: (1:45) Great run on snowmobile trails. Steady run. Good footing. Cat W, airport, marsh, Hare Trail loop. Saw 4 deer and a fisher. Felt very strong and rested.
pm: (:30) Easy snowshoe run on Paudyn trails.

am: (:50) Easy snowshoe run at Little Cat. Footing hard. Felt ok though.
pm: (:32) Easy snowshoe run w/Sara on Paudyn Trails. Footing good. Snowing hard.

pm: (1:00) Ran Cat Trail W for first 40', then 20' on snowshoes at home. Felt good.

pm: (:40) Easy with Sara on Hare Trail. Great conditions. Also got the dogs out dogsledding earlier. Testing a new watch by Highgear (The Loft). Altimeter, barometer, thermometer and HRM. Very cool.

am: (1:15) Great snowshoe run at Little Cat. Cold morning, but good trail conditions. Warmup for 30', then 30' tempo @ about 165bpm. Cooldown 15'. Felt really good.

pm: (1:00) Snowshoe run on Paudyn trails. Snow a little deep in places, but took it easy. Calf a little sore from tempo yesterday, but doesn't seem to be in the same spot as before. Beautiful day.

pm: (:31) Easy Snowshoe run on Paudyn trail. Calf feeling better. Fighting a bit of a stomach flu bug. Felt lousy. Took it easy. Snapped a snowshoe cleat too. Grrr

Weekly Total = 8:03
~ Cutting back for Pittsfield. Also had a bit of a calf issue, + stomach flu on Sunday. Should be well rested for next weekend.

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