Monday, March 10, 2008

March 3 - 9 (8:39)

pm: (1:31) Great run. 10C and sunny. Ran Cat W to grass hill. Footing good on trail. Calf felt fine. Heard today that I may be in Rock and Ice afterall.

pm: (:21) Short run to shake out the legs. Trails in bad shape. Good day to go light.

pm: (:45) Another storm. Relaxed run on snow covered roads in Crosslites. Felt ok. Left calf still sore, but babying it. Stretching and massaging lots. Got laser on it today too.

pm: (:25) Easy run on road. Feeling pretty well rested

pm: (:20) Ran easy on trails in Pittsfield Vermont after driving all day. Snowshoe marathon tomorrow morning.

am: (4:42) Pittsfield Snowshoe Marathon. Tough course. 4 x 6.55mi loops. About 1hr to get up and under half hour to get down the mountain. 1700ft of elevation gain each loop. Very steep climbs. Not very runable. Nasty weather. +2C & freezing rain, with heavy rain after a couple of hours. Started getting pretty wet and cold, and slowing down on third loop. Stopped after 3 loops. Good day of training and want to leave something for Rock and Ice.

am: (:35) Nice easy snowshoe run at Mountain Top Inn near Rutland Vermont. Legs didn't feel too bad.

Weekly Total = 8:39
~ Got confirmation that I am running Rock and Ice Ultra ( in two weeks! Thrilled to be doing it and will be writing reports for Breathe Magazine at . Once I found out I was doing that for sure, it affected somewhat what I wanted to get out of Pittsfield Snowshoe Marathon. Glad I stopped at 18miles and feel like it was a good long effort leading up to R&I.

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