Sunday, February 24, 2008

Feb 18 - 24 (9:08)

am: (2:00) Easy with Sara on Petworth Road loop for first hour, then road and trail add-on for last hour.
pm: (:40) Easy road and trail run w/S

am: (1:09) Easy run on snowshoes at Little Cat. Conditions not great. Icy and chewed up. Just one run today as cutting back a little to recover after pretty big weeks. Calf a little sore since CFB fitness test last week too. (Too many quick stops, turns and starts)

pm: (:25) Easy on Cat E w/S

pm: (:45) Easy on Cat W w/S. Calf felt a little better today.

am: (1:00) Treadmill workout to avoid impact/bad footing. Incl. 10-5-5min w/2min jog at faster than tempo pace. Felt pretty good. Don't know how fast as treadmill was not reading the proper speed (I hope).
pm: (:21) Quick run on the road to loosen up the legs after this morning.

am: (1:01) Steady run on Cat W. A bit of a snowfall has helped to make the trail better for running.
pm: (:45) Steady on North Trail to Varty Lake and out on Lake for a few minutes. Snowmobile trail in great shape for running. Crosslites gripped trail like glue. Felt good. Calf feeling much better.

pm: (1:02) Easy run w/S on North Trail and on Varty Lake. Calf feels 100%. Was going to go longer, but decided to give it another short day.

Weekly Total = 9:08
~ Recovery week. Good time to take it a little easier and start thinking about cutting back before Pittsfield. Also wanted to give calf a bit of a rest.

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