Tuesday, March 18, 2008

March 17 - 23 (17:03)

pm (:20) Happy St. Patrick's Day! Very easy run on road to shake out legs. Enjoyed the last of our Guinness last night, so had none for St. Patrick's Day :( Oh well. As it's part of our training diet anyhow, not as big of a treat.

pm (:40) Relaxed run on road and Cat tr East to Boundary Road. Footing good. Nice to be back on the trails. At least one person must have seen my training log yesterday as Sara brought home Guinness for our post-St. Patrick's Day dinner :). Winter sleeping bag arrived today, so all packed and ready to leave for Rock and Ice on Thursday.

pm (:20) Easy run on road. Last run at home. Fly from Toronto to Edmonton tomorrow, where I will have a short layover before flying up to Yellowknife on Thursday night. Staying at my sister Karen's place in Edmonton for a visit, a short run and maybe an early dinner.

pm (:20) Easy run in Edm from Karen’s place during flight layover. Felt good.

am (:27) Easy with Michal on ice highway in Yellowknife. Was good to stretch the legs before the race tomorrow.

(7:40) Rock and Ice Ultra – Day 1. Very tough footing with loose, sugar snow. Ran in snowshoes for all but first few km. Details at http://www.breathemag.ca/ , http://www.healthandadventure.com/ and http://www.snowshoemag.com/ .

(7:16) R&I – Day 2. Similar conditions to yesterday. Ran snowshoes all day.

Weekly total = 17:03

Saturday was the start of Rock and Ice Ultra. Check for reports and articles at http://www.healthandadventure.com/ , http://www.breathemag.ca/ and http://www.snowshoemag.com/

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  1. Arthur Guinness19 March, 2008 13:21

    Better late than never with the St. Patrick's dinner.

    Wish I could come with you to Yellowknife!