Saturday, March 15, 2008

March 10 - 16 (7:01)

pm (:31) Easy run on Cat W with Microspikes, booties and Crosslites. Seemed to work well. Felt pretty good after the weekend.

am (2:10) Sara dropped me off on the way to work and I ran K&P trail from #38 into Kingston, plus streets. Wore M.Spikes for first hour, switched to snowshoes for about 45', then back to M.spikes and Crosslites. Ran with backpack and extra gear. A good test run. Felt really great and well recovered from weekend.

pm: (:40) Easy with Sara on road and Cat W. Good footing.

pm: (:50) Cat trail W. Good footing on snowmobile trail. Ran in Crosslites.

pm (:20) Easy run on road after work.

pm (1:00) Very mild day. Ran road and started on Cat Tr West, but too soft. Continued on Cutler Rd. Felt good to be warm. Expect things will be a little cooler a week from now.

pm (1:30) Trails very soft, so did a nice road run through Petworth with Sara. Mild day. Started feeling good after about an hour and tough to not go further.

Week Ending: 7:01

~ Good week. Feel like I've recovered reasonably well from Pittsfield. Was definitely a gamble running it so close to Rock and Ice, but feel like each day I'm getting stronger. Tuesday run was a good test with gear and felt great.

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