Sunday, February 17, 2008

Feb 11 - 17 (19:58)

am: (2:03) Easy run on North Trail to Varty Lake and Colebrooke
pm: (:58) Easy on North trail w/ Sara. (Weights)

am: (2:01) Snowshoe run at Little Cat. Very cold.
pm: (1:01) Incl. 25minutes of hills on Upper Newburgh Hill.

am: (:15) CFB Fitness test as part of job interview.
pm: (:52) Easy run on roads in Kingston. Poor footing.

am: (1:31) Easy-Steady run on roads with Brennan on bike
pm: (1:05) Easy run with Sara on north trails and home. Ran in new La Sportiva Crosslites. Awesome shoe. Very light and the best traction of any trail shoe!

am: (2:00) Snowshoe run at Little Cat including 30min tempo in the second hour.
pm: (:42) Easy run w/Sara to the store to pick up Miss Vicky, who will join us with Arthur Guinness for dinner.

am: (1:40) Easy trail run on Cat W and North tr to Varty Lake
pm: (:45) Snowshoe run with Sydenham Running Club on Paudyn trails.

pm: (5:05) Great run though lousy weather. Ran first 3.5 hrs on snowshoes and the rest without. First 2hrs with Sara, then 30min tempo, 30 min steady, 60 mins with Sara, then alone for last hr. Ran multiple Paudyn loops, north trail to Varty Lake, Cat W and Cat E.

Weekly Total = 19:58

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  1. Vicky and Arthur - what an amazing couple they are!!