Monday, August 23, 2010

Tired Pipes and Daily Doubles

It feels good going into the new week with tired pipes.

Last week was a great week with an increase in training. Getting back up to 11.5 hours of running again feels good. This is the largest week since early June, when my knee injury flared up. Certainly not where I want to be, but a good start.

The increase last week was mostly due to higher weekday volume, and beginning to run twice a day again. Double runs seem to have been good for my knee and achilles. I have kept my long runs quite moderate for now until I get the green light though. Some faster paced runs have also been sprinkled in which seems to have helped with my stride efficiency. I've also been focusing on a little more flexibility work and continued rehab.

Tomorrow will be another physio appointment to assess my situation a little further and what I need to do next to get me back to 100%. I'm feeling good that I can keep increasing, but still feel that there is something generated from my hips that needs to be tweaked. I feel pretty confident that I will be able to turn it around quite quickly though.

On the armchair athlete side of running, there were a lot of great races to follow along this past weekend. As mentioned on my Twitter, congratulations to SHA runners David and JD for solid races at the Iroquoa Trail Test 32km. Both ran awesome races as final tuneups for Haliburton.

Elsewhere, there were some interesting races on the weekend that included Pikes Peak, Where's Waldo, Transrockies and Leadville 100.

Also, a huge congrats to Gary Robbins for setting a new speed record of 35hrs and 17min on the 220km East Coast Trail in Newfoundland.

Now, it's time to start thinking about when and where Sara and I can consider racing again this fall. We pondered this a lot during our run at Frontenac Park yesterday, but are still a ways off from making any decisions just yet.

Training Summary:
Total # of hours last week: 11:27
Total # of hours this year: 342:34
Streak (# of consecutive days of running): 7,545
Training Log Details for the Week

Video of Gary Robbins setting a speed record on the East Coast Trail and short interview...


  1. Thanks Derrick! What distance you guys looking to race in the fall?


  2. Not quite sure yet Gary. I would love to do a 100, but will have to see how things progress in the coming weeks. Sara is probably looking at a 50km.

    Hope you're starting to recover from the ECT...and the party after. Congrats again!

  3. Week after week it is getting better, great news - Can't wait too see what you decide, I need some more night time running experience ;)

  4. Just watched the Gary Robbin's video - Wow. How does someone do something like that? Gawd I wish I could do half of that. So anxious for HF, to see what it feels like.

  5. It was pretty impressive to see how strong Gary looked finishing up the ECT. It was a bit of a contrast to how spent he looked after the WCT...mind you I think with it being shorter and pretty tight right to the end, it seems like he may have had to push very, very hard to get the WCT.

  6. That and I didn't budget my food and fluids properly. I blew up something fierce finishing off the WCT and was lucky just to hold onto what I had!
    Run report should be posted within the hour.