Friday, August 13, 2010

Mr Happy Sore Legs

Woke up this morning with tired, sore legs....but in a very good way!

I can usually tell during the first few steps upon getting up how my little nigglies are and if my knee and achilles are happy or not. Today, both were not barking in the least. In fact, they are probably in the best place that they've been in months. The fact that I've increased my training a bit this week has me feeling fatigued, but certainly very optimistic. The added volume has rewarded me with only sore legs from the 'in training' variety, but not the injury kind. That makes me happy!

Recovery between bouts of training will continue to be very important as I move forward, but I'm feeling in a very good place in my current state of soreness.



  1. sweet!! Wasn't so long ago that I was in that exact spot myself. Here's to injury-free running!

  2. Good to hear that those days are behind you Holly. Cheers!

  3. Does this mean we could see you in Haliburton?

  4. Rick,
    It pains me dearly to say that I expect I would be a little short on necessary miles to run Haliburton.