Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cataraqui Trail

We live about 3km's north-east of the Hamlet of Yarker on a dirt road. The Cataraqui Trail is a 104km trail that runs through Yarker. We run on the 'Cat' pretty much daily, as a regular run, but also to connect to our other favourite trail networks including the Rideau Trail, K&P Trail, and various other snowmobile and ATV trails.

There are many beautiful sections of the Cataraqui Trail, with some of our favourite parts including the course of the Sydenham Fall Trail Run, and a remote section of trail between Perth Road Village and Chaffey's Locks that features a number of high cliffs and hidden lakes.

Aside from running on the Cataraqui Trail, it's also a great place to dogsled on in the winter. We've recently noticed a larger number of people utilizing this multi-use recreational trail which is really great to see.

There's a new website for Yarker at http://www.yarker.ca/ . I was looking through it this morning and discovered a photo of a very familiar looking runner on the Cat Trail going over the Napanee River.


  1. Yes, he does look verrry familiar!

    That section of the Cat between PRV and CL is a gem. I've only seen 3 bald eagles in my life, and 2 of them have been on that section. Gorgeous and remote.

  2. Beautiful picture, think we have also seen that bright yellow runner around.


  3. Ya see, I was waffling on running from CL towards PRV on Sunday because of the hour drive there, now I have too. Damn you both :) I'll text you when I am leaving Kanata and you can leave Yarker, drive to PRV, and start running towards CL and I'll meet you 1/2 way.

  4. Pondering David....pondering.

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  6. Looks like the trail is great and challenging. I think the place is so exciting.