Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Colorado Dreaming: James Peak

I still find myself dreaming of the mountains. Apparently I'm not the only one....see Sara's blog.

Just uploaded a few videos today, which were fun to look at. I had to laugh at the above video of our run up James Peak. I mentioned about there being no clouds at the summit...not sure where the heck I was looking? There were clouds everywhere! Must have been the thin air affecting my brain ;)

Fun playing on St. Mary's Glacier.

Then, this and this video from Crankworx for Brennan.

Oh well, it's been great to be running a bit more this week and exploring some of our local trails. Looking forward to summiting 'The Great Rock' on Saturday morning.


  1. You're probably thinking it was sunny when you started out, since it's sunny nearly every morning here, then it often clouds up mid-day :)

    That's a fun area. I did a couple of posts if you search for "glacier".

    I barely missed reaching the top of James on my last outing, but mabye next time. Glad you made it.

  2. You may be right. We were amazed how bright it was each morning, then to be hit with some nasty weather each afternoon.

    We enjoyed your posts. Great photos and interesting to see what the conditions were like just a month earlier.