Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Week of Feb 8 - 14

Well, this past weekend was a very exciting weekend of races.

The Olympics are now underway and always fun to follow along with how the Canadians are doing. I have to say that I was more glued to two other races though.

EJ had a very solid run at the KRRA Twosome run with a time of 22:30. This was her second fastest time ever over the 5km distance, and although it was a little off of her breakthrough race in Florida last month, her training has been a little more relaxed since then with a focus towards the spring/summer. Having said that, she did place a very strong 4th master in the women's race in a very stacked race that may have been one of the stronger masters races in the area. Looking forward to what the spring has to offer for EJ.

Elsewhere and not quite as local was JD's big race in Alaska (report here). The Susitna 100 was JD's first 100miler and he nailed it. Participants had to pull their supplies/emergency gear in a pulk for the entire race. Conditions sounded like they were slow in places, but JD not only finished, but did so in a fantastic time of 36:59. Truly amazing. JD's hard work certainly paid off, as did his mental toughness in this killer race.

Congrats EJ and JD!


Training Summary:
~ I was really quite pleased with how the week went. I have felt pretty good with increasing the volume of my training a bit. My longest run was 86mins which felt great. The pace was not quite as slow as I thought it would have been either, so happy with that. I'm doing a lot of runs in the 45min range, but don't feel comfortable increasing the length of my long runs quite yet. I will continue to stack runs together with quite a few doubles until I gain more strength back in my knee. I actually ran 11 times last week and this approach seems to be working for me right now.

I am still feeling some discomfort in my knee, but it is much less than it was a few months ago when I was only running 20mins per day. I'm not at the point of ignoring the tightness or discomfort, but just going to plan to stop dwelling on it as much and start thinking more positive. I've mentioned that to clients in the past that you get to a point that you need to stop focusing on every little ache or pain when coming back from an injury. I believe that is part of the healing process. I think I find myself at that point right now. As long as things stay the same or continue to improve, I will be mentioning my knee issue less and less in my training log and think that is a good thing. Onward!

Total # of hours this week – 8:51
Total # of hours this year – 37:37
Streak – 7,355 days of running in a row
Training Log Details


  1. i just read jd's blog for susitna - incredible and very funny! ask him if he'd like to do the fatdog 100 with me this summer!

  2. I expect he's not quite ready to think about another 100 yet at this point, but you never know.