Sunday, February 28, 2010

Week of February 22 - 28

What a great end to the Vancouver Olympics with Canada beating the U.S. in the men's gold medal hockey game.

Fantastic Olympics for Canada with a record number of medals and the most gold medals ever won by a country at the Winter Olympics.

We don't have a TV, but were able to watch some great events on the computer. The events I tended to enjoy the most were nordic skiing, long track speed skating and of course hockey.

Now that the Olympics are over, it's time to put the TV (ie. computer) away and enjoy life again without TV and all those damn annoying commercials. By the way, I think the most disappointing part of the whole 'TV experience' was seeing well known athletes endorsing MacDonald's. I know that many athletes struggle to make ends meet and need sponsorship dollars, but I was really disappointed to see them endorse a restaurant that I expect they would never consider supporting in part of their training with regards to a healthy diet. Anyhow, enough with the short rant, it was a great Olympics.

Also taking place this weekend was the World Invitational Snowshoe Race in Vancouver. Some of the top snowshoe racers from around the world participated. Mountain Running legend Jonothan Wyatt of New Zealand participated and the depth of the field was obvious as he finished in 3rd place. Top Canadian was Jason Loutitt in a very strong 6th place.

I would also like to say a huge congratulations to my sister Karen from Edmonton for completing her first Half Marathon. Karen ran a smart race clicking off steady 6:00/km's and finishing in a time of 2:06. She already sounds like she is looking forward to her next race. Very cool! Congrats again Karen!

Training Summary:
Another solid week of increases with my training. I'm very pleased to be approaching 10hours at this point. I've started adding some quality workouts as I've found that uphill running doesn't seem to affect my knee negatively. Sara and I have taken out a monthly membership at the new fitness centre at Queen's University which will be great to use a couple of times per week for uphill treadmill tempos, in addition to strength/rehab.

In addition to the uphill treadmill runs, I also increased my long run to 1:50. Everything felt good and I'm looking to continuing to slowly increase. The key is to make sure to listen to my body and take a good recovery day every 3-4 days.

Total # of hours this week – 9:43
Total # of hours this year – 55:20
Streak – 7,370 days of running in a row
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  1. I just wanted to say congratulations to Karen. You ran your first Half marathon at the same pace I ran my first 15km and I remember how hard that was. I hope you are recovering well. BTW did Derrick tell you that your sore legs are your trophys?

  2. Congrats to Canada for representing! You guys really protected the home turf at the Olympics!

    Have fun out on the trails.