Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Week of Feb 15 - 21

Busy times with lots of fun stuff going on.

Sara and I took Brennan and Heather to Barrie with us on the weekend and had a fun mini-work/mini-vacation at Horseshoe Valley Resort. I was going to be working at a Dion Snowshoe Booth at the Snowshoe Raid Adventure Race for a few hours, but the rest of the weekend was going to involve fun in the snow.

The Snowshoe Raid Adventure Race is one of the largest snowshoe events in Canada, and you can see why. Race director Bob Miller is very thorough and organizes a fantastic event. I’ve never done an adventure racing or orienteering, but it looked like a blast and they had great conditions for the event. Congrats to rookie participants Keith and Aaron who finished in 8th place out of over 90 teams. Keith and Aaron said the Dions performed well.

After the race, we headed back to the resort and spent a few hours downhill snow tubing. What a blast! Check out the below photo and videos. I was quite surprised with how fast we went down the hill. The sun was bright and temperatures were warm during the day, but had started to drop so it was lightening fast and icy. Fun stuff.

We all worked up a pretty big appetite after the tubing and had a great meal at the Crazy Horse Restaurant, before heading back to watch a little Olympics and an early night.

Horseshoe Valley Resort had a nice indoor pool that Heather was really looking forward to using, so we took advantage of that after breakfast before the drive home.

We were really surprised with the snow conditions in Barrie and with how nice the area is. We’re definitely looking to return there for some more winter fun in the future.
Team Zima (Aaron and Keith) in their first Adventure/Orienteering race...
Downhill Snow Tubing...

Heading uphill with the tube...

Brennan and Heather spinning downhill...

Brennan, Heather and me spinning wildly downhill...

Training Summary:
I was pretty pleased with my week of training. I increased quite a bit in the early to mid week, took a recovery day on Thursday, had another bigger day on Friday, then light days on Saturday and Sunday. I now feel that I have moved further along with the injury and in a good place to keep gradually increasing. I’m finding that I can take a few bigger days in a row as long as I take the odd recovery day now and again. I’m very happy to be at this point. I’ve also found a few specific procedures, treatments and rehab that I can do myself that I’ve learned from Greg. I’m still going to continue to keep my long runs under 90mins for a while, but feel like some double days are helping me to move forward.

Total # of hours this week – 8:00
Total # of hours this year – 45:37
Streak – 7,363 days of running in a row

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