Monday, September 29, 2008

Sept 22 - 28 (2:51)

Felt great to get back to running a little more on the weekend. Knee slowly improved as the week progressed. At the point now where I can open up my stride a little more and run harder with just the slight feeling of discomfort and weakness. Went in to see Dr. Scot Mundle at Napanee Chiropractic and Laser Clinic today (Sept 29) and he felt it was a slight MCL tear. Getting laser treatments this week, which should help speed up the healing.

Week Ending Total = 2:51

Mon/22 (:20) Skylites. Easy on grass trail. Knee still sore if I try to open my stride up and run any faster.

Tue/23 (:20) Skylites. Easy on grass trail.

Wed/24 (:20) Skylites. Easy on grass trail. Knee seemed a little better today.

Thu/25 (:20) Skylites. Easy on grass trail. More just stiffness in knee today and was able to run faster. Will continue to take it easy for the rest of the week, but feeling encouraged.

Fri/26 (:20) Frees. Easy on grass trail. Knee felt about the same as yesterday.

Sat/27 (:30) Skylites. Easy on Cat Trail East w/Sara, Siku and Jesse. Knee felt good. A little stiffness at about halfway. Ran 4x strides and felt very comfortable. See how it feels tomorrow, but will probably try a little longer run.

Sun/28 (:41) Skylites. Easy on Cat West trail with Sara and Siku. Felt good to be out a little longer today. Knee slowly improving. Very nice day. Was surprised to see that there has been some trail maintenance on the section of Cataraqui Trail west of Yarker between the skidoo club and Curl Road. They've graded the trail and put lots of cinders down. It seems very soft right now. Will be nice when it gets packed down a little. Hopefully, all the rednecks on ATV's don't get on it and ruin it.


  1. Go easy on the knee....and the red-necks! Don't want one of them chasing you out on the trail! Finally got out today after 5 day layoff and felt pretty good

  2. Actually, no rednecks in Yarker. I think they're all in Merrickville;)

    ....Ok well, maybe just a few in Yarker as we have seen some 'Bubba droppings' along the trail (ie. empty Budweiser cans).

    Glad to hear that you're back out there! Great time of the year to be running trails.

  3. Don't move those cans! I plant 'em there becuz I'm trying to grow me a Budweiser tree!

  4. It is my understanding that if you break open a can of Guiness and take out the "floating widget" and plant it you will get the much sought after Guiness bush. It is beautiful this time of year with all it Black and Tan colour!!

  5. Aaron and, um Bubba(?)....
    Thanks very much for the input on the fall colours. I will be sure to pay a little closer attention to the foliage now.