Monday, September 1, 2008

Aug 25 - 31 (7:29)

Canadian Running Magazine - The September/October issue of Canadian Running Magazine is in the newstands now and includes the introduction to trail running article I wrote titled Into the Trails.


Training Log:
Mon/25 (1:08)
am (:20) Crosslite3. Easy run on grass trail with Siku. Left metatarsals still a little sore.
pm (:48) Crosslite3. Steady run with Dylan O'Sullivan on Cataraqui Trail West, then up north trail. Pretty muddy on north trail and Dylan got his new white road shoes pretty filthy. Welcome to trail running Dylan! Foot a little sore near the end, but not bad. (Ab workout)

Tue/26 (1:00)
pm (1:00) Raceblades. Easy up north trail just before Sandpit. Foot seems to be improving, but did notice it a bit on the gravel road on the way back. Felt pretty good otherwise.

Wed/27 (2:00)
am (1:20) Raceblades. Easy run down Boundary Road, then Cataraqui Trail West. Foot seemed better today. Have been able to walk around barefoot more without noticing it too. Felt a little sluggish running today, but not bad.
pm (:40) Crosslite3. Steady run with Taylor Murphy on North Trail. Felt pretty good. Foot was fine again. Wasn't sure how it would be going a little faster, but pleased with it. (Abs)

Thu/28 (:45)
pm (:45) Crosslite3. Easy with Sara on Cataraqui Trail West. Kicked off the short connecting trail that joins Freeman Road Trail to Cataraqui Trail by, I assume, the property owner. Have always run there without incident until today. Was unaware what is public and what is private property. Too bad. Beautiful land that is going to waste. Hopefully, proposed subdivision doesn't go through.

Fri/29 (:20)
am (:20) Skylite. Easy with Siku and Neeka on our grass trail. Foot still a little sore, so went in for a laser treatment at Napanee Chiropractic and Laser Clinic.

Sat/30 (:45)
pm (:45) Crosslite3. Easy run on Cataraqui Trail East w/Sara. Legs feeling pretty recovered now. Can still feel foot at times, but think it's a little better. Continuing to ice.

Sun/31 (1:31)
pm (1:31) Crosslite2. Easy run at Gould Lake with Sara. Ran in from Bedford Road on Wagon trail and out Bear Trail loop. Tried to run out boardwalk to Mica Loop, but bridge washed out. Then ran an out and back on Tom Dixon trail to get extra time. Felt pretty good. Love the trails along south end of Gould Lake...lots of pine needles.
Training Week Total = 7:29
~ Full taper mode now for Haliburton 100 miler on Sept 6. Can't do anything to improve fitness, but can do lots to screw things up if not careful. Have been very cautious with sore foot, but seems to be coming around and feeling better each day. Will continue to take it easy this week with just minimal runs each day. Looking forward to next weekend. Really plan to start very easy, with the number one goal of just finishing. Anxious to see how my body feels running 100 miles, learn from it, then plan for what's next! Trying to treat it more as a long training run and not a race. Should be interesting.


  1. Everything looks good Derek can't wait to see in in action for your first Ultra. I hope to just finish this year but you never know. Had really good runs all week. That again for showing me those trails I just love it! See you Soon :P


  2. "100 mile" Ultra that is

  3. Derrick, Don't forget what I think are good trails and what really are good trail are probably 2 different things!!!!LOL! I'll make sure to check in and see how your race goes this week end. Good Luck!


  4. Margaret and I are now signed up for the Sydenham 8K!

  5. Have been following your training log all summer, looks like you are ready. Looked at last year's results and make sure you beat everyone with the first name of Jeff (you know what I mean). Best of luck to Sara as well. I'll be ready for you when you hit the West Coast.

  6. Keith,
    We'll see you up there. Looking forward to it. Geez, when you say 100miles it kinda sounds like a long ways.

    Thanks. The photos on your blog made your trails look pretty nice. And the possibility of Guinness nearby too is that much more appealing! Good luck at TIP and will be great to see you guys in Sydenham!

    Blacktoes (Mike??),
    I was just saying to Sara how I've been planning to email or call. Busy summer. Hope all is going well.