Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sept 8 - 14 (2:22)

Mon/8 (:20) Gazelles. Very sore, very ugly run on our grass trail. Left knee (medial), pretty sore from when I fell hard in the last 6 miles of race.

Tue/9 (:20) Skylites. Still sore and probably uglier run than even yesterday.

Wed/10 (:21) Skylites. Ok, my legs are still knackered!

Thu/11 (:20) Skylites. Not much of an appetite and still feeling pretty rough.

Fri/12 (:20) Skylites. Feeling a little better today, though legs still quite sore.

Sat/13 (:20) Skylites. Easy on grass. Legs felt a little bit better today. Still very sore though.

Sun/14 (:21) Zoom Str. Knee a little bit better today.

Weekly Total = 2:22
~ Legs still very much pooched! No energy and still some stiffness. Overall body fatigued too. Knee is still very sore.

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