Monday, August 25, 2008

Aug 18 - 24 (11:11)

Mon (:30)
pm (:30) Crosslite3. Easy on our grass trail with Siku. Took a recovery day. Left metatarsals a little tender...feels like a rock bruise. (abs)

Tue (:45)
pm (:45) Raceblades. Easy on Cataraqui Trail West with Sara. Foot still noticeable, but not bad.

Wed (5:05)
am (5:05) Crosslite3. Started in Yarker on Cataraqui Trail East, Rideau Trail along Escarpment, Gould Lake Road, Wagon Trail to Bedford and back the same route. Felt quite good. Foot was good. Only noticed it a little bit during the last hour. Stomach a little off from 3.5-4.5 hrs, but good run otherwise. Great weather. Saw a couple of foxes and some wild turkeys. Ran with Keith Iskiw. Felt bad for him as he was pretty sick, but still looked strong. Wouldn’t surprise me if he wins Haliburton…especially with his experience from last year. Funny with there being another ultra runner in the area (Napanee?). Great to get a long run in together.

Thu (3:00)
am (3:00) Raceblades. Great run at Frontenac Park from Kingsford Dam entrance. Ran into Birch Lake, then portage trail to Little Clear Loop, Moulton Gorge and back out with Sara in 2:30. Then finished with a hard, hilly tempo on Canoe Lake Road, working the hills, especially the downhills pretty hard to mimic the Haliburton course. Felt good, but tough. Finished with the last km or so being pretty easy. Great workout. Legs felt surprisingly strong after yesterday. A nice back to back effort. Didn’t notice foot at all. (abs)

Fri (:30)
am (:30) Frees. Nice easy recovery run on our grass trail. Legs felt good.

Sat (1:00)
am (1:00) Crosslite3. Nice easy run on Cataraqui Trail West with Sara. Legs feel pretty good and recovered. Hot day. (abs)

Sun (:21)
Pm (:21) Crosslite3. Easy run on our grass trail with Sara. Foot was a little sore again. Feels good to get a few good recovery days between harder and longer runs. Legs feeling a little fresher.

Week Total = 11:11
~ Please with back to back runs on Wednesday and Thursday. Legs bounced back nicely. A little concerned about left metatarsals, but hoping that it comes around ok with an extra couple of days of easy running. I’d like to get another 3 hr run in if it works and I can do it safely before Haliburton, but ok if not as the training is done and rest is more important now.

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  1. I fell funny calling my long runs long after reading yours! I may pop down to the RR Tuesday!