Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Featured Workout

iRun Magazine features one of my workouts on David Grant's 'Up to Speed' Blog this week. Click here to see the the recommended workout.


  1. Hey I recognize that one. It was really fun to go fast. The last few reps really required concentration not only to get through them but also to keep track of how many reps I had done and had left to do. As Derrick knows I messed up and only did 9.

  2. EJ


    Hmm that was easy - I could have almost done another one :)

  3. EJ,
    Did your miscounting have anything to do with hammering the first rep too hard?? :)

  4. David,
    Try it you'll like it: )

    If you mean I missed one because my brain was fuzzy from pushing a wee bit hard then yes I blame it on my fuzzy brain. Overall it was an amazing workout I highly recommend.

  5. I found your blog from Leslie's Banff Trail Trash.
    Nice blog and other links. I guess you're the SHA of I-ran? Or something like that.

  6. Thanks for sharing this routine. I tried it out on my run tonight. Just to clarify: If I'm vomiting blood at the end, is that a sign of a good workout?

  7. Ha. Yes Johnny, I think you nailed it;)

    It adds another all new aspect to it when done on snowshoes too!