Monday, November 2, 2009

2010 Rock and Ice Ultra - Cancelled

I was shocked, saddened and disappointed to find out today that the Rock and Ice Ultra had been cancelled for 2010. There were many thoughts and feelings going through my head when I read the emails and blogs about this decision.

I felt bad for Rock and Ice Race Director Scott Smith as he had built this event in three short years to be one of the premier winter races in the world. Rock and Ice is a very unique event with a strong field of international competitors. Scott had big plans for the race on the world scene and I only hope that this is a small blip and that he will be able to resurrect the race again in 2011.

The two competitors who I felt really bad for were David and JD. They had dreamed about this race, planned for it, booked flights, bought expensive gear and were training with the goal of competing in this life changing race. To them I feel truly very sorry that they won’t be able to race in this incredible event that they had set out to.

Lastly, I felt as though I had some unfinished business of my own at Rock and Ice after last year. I had hoped to have the opportunity to return again this year and have a great race. This is a race that really got under my skin and will be tough to replace.

So, now it’s back to the drawing board for us Ontario folks. There are still plenty of exciting winter events to choose from. We all will just need to do some research and see what fits best for each of us.


  1. Come up here and run the SU 100. It is a brutal race and the conditions can get down right nasty. You guys can crash at my place before and after the race.

    I will play the role of Tour Guide Barbie!

  2. Be careful what you wish for AA. I might just show up on your door step.

    Derrick, it's funny how people seem to think that those races are organized by big corporations. I've had a lot of comments like "They can't do that!". People don't realize that in the ultra world, events are are built on the dreams of one or two people. As devastating as it was for me, I'm sure it was worse for Scott.

  3. I was really sad to hear this news too. JD and David, I can't imagine how you must have felt. Hope you soon find a replacement race to get excited about.

  4. I agree it must be really tough on Scott and the crew - that is one of the reasons I am still thinking of doing the Cold Foot, it would be great to show support. This will depend on what our flight options are, but if we can't cancel or change without a large penalty we may as well go to YK for the weekend. Truly - when did a 44.5km snowshoe race in YK become too easy?

  5. For the first 2 years, it seemed like it was a real 1 man show at R&I. Yes, there were lots of volunteers, but Scott seemed like he was everywhere. That still seemed like it was the case last year to a certain extent, but from what I saw there were many more people wearing bigger hats. This is still Scott's baby though.

    The concern I have is that I'm wondering if the date is going to be the same for the Cold Foot? From some of the info, it almost sounded like Scott might not even be there during that time?

    Yes, 44.5km is still a killer race in those conditions and if flights are non-negotiable then it still does make sense. I'm curious to hear if the route would still be point-to-point for this race.

    There are some incredible things to see in YK aside from the race situation too. The northern lights are something incredible to experience.

    Lots to ponder in the coming days.