Monday, April 13, 2009

Week of April 6 (11:15)

Week Ending total: 11:15
Total # of runs this week: 11
Total # of runs this year: 135
Total # of hours this year: 145:18
Streak: 7,048 days in a row
Training Log details: click here
Comments: Quite pleased with how the week progressed. Only started feeling better last weekend, so nice to be back to this amount of running again. Each day seemed to get better as the week progressed, with larger volume days on Friday, then a decent long run on Sunday. Was half considering racing Seaton Trail 78km next weekend, but after long run yesterday, I realized that I'm not quite ready for that yet. Still coughing a bit, but much better. Looking forward to more sunny, mild days on the trails.


  1. Over 11 hours of running on a come back/recovery week. Dude I hate you :)

    Seriously looking good. Finish getting that bug out of your system and you'll be golden.

    Now I expect some Habs bashing - Boston cheering in the next Blog Entry.

  2. Thanks David.

    All the best in Boston, and remember...wearing a Bruins jersey during the marathon is gauranteed to bring you a pb!