Friday, April 10, 2009

Bell Canada Sucks!

I hate Bell Canada!!! I always have and always will. Bell's customer service is the absolute worst of any business on the planet and they keep getting worse.

At one point, we had our home phone, cell phone and internet service through Bell. Following getting screwed around by one thing after another, we eventually cancelled all of our services with them and even chose to get rid of our home phone line and replace it with another company’s cell service as our home phone. We finally thought that we would never have to deal with Bell and their brutal service and business practices again. Until today that is.

Today I was scheduled to meet a friend for a trail run at Frontenac Park. After a few minutes passed, I tried to check phone messages on my cell, but was out of range so could not. No problem I thought, Frontenac has a pay phone that I'll use. I had enough change and the calls were just local so I thought it would be no problem.

Well, seems as though the pay phone at Frontenac does not take coins (?). Still, not a problem as I had my credit card, so just used that instead. That apparently was a huge mistake and one that I hope no one else ever makes. I had to make four phone calls with my credit card and I found out later upon checking our credit card statement that Bell Canada charges $5.00 per phone call! And, once again, these were just local calls that were listed on the phone as 'only' costing 50cents to make. How they see fit to charge $5.00 per call is beyond me. So, just to make a few local calls and check phone messages set me back 20 bucks! That is just criminal in my books.

So my message to all is to boycott Bell Canada whenever possible and choose another provider. They are by far the most incompetent company I have ever dealt with and if you haven't been swindled by them yet, just give it a little more time and it's guaranteed to happen.

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  1. I hate Bell, and ever will. They get every cent they can, charge something that doesnt cost anything, sell software per month bill, and so on.