Sunday, March 1, 2009

Training Log: Feb 23 - Mar 1 (18:37)

Training Log: Great week of training. Just what I was looking for. Got some really solid runs in with overall pretty high volume. Really great block of training specific to Rock and Ice as the seven day period from last Sunday to Saturday (Feb 22-28) I got in just under 21hrs of running. Very pleased with how I felt and recovered from this too. Will take a few days easier now.

Week Ending Total = 18:37

Monday Feb 23
Running 1:32:00
shoes: La Sportiva Wildcat
(AM) Ran with pack to Paudyn trails, then a couple of loops on snowshoes. Beautiful day. Trails in great condition. Ran steady. Felt surprisingly good after long run yesterday.

Running 49:00
shoes: La Sportiva Wildcat
(PM) Snowshoe run with Sara on Paudyn trails. So nice in there now with the new snow.

Tuesday Feb 24
Running 1:40:00
shoes: La Sportiva Wildcat
(AM) Beautiful sunny, cool morning. Ran with a pack on north trail to Varty Lake, then back along Cat trail to Boundary Rd. Brought snowshoes, but trail was nice and firm from sunny days and cool nights, so didn't bother wearing them. Felt good. Was only going to run 60-75', but didn't want to stop.

Running 42:00
shoes: La Sportiva Slingshots
(PM) Easy snowshoe run with Sara on Paudyn loop. Great trail conditions.

Wednesday Feb 25
Running 3:00:00
shoes: La Sportiva Wildcat
(AM) Great run. Ran with pulk on trails to parents, then down through the woods to the snowmobile trails as far as the bridge under hwy 401. Turned and then back to parents. Hitched a ride home with them. A beautiful day and felt awesome. Pulk worked great. Very pleased with the pole system and just a few more minor adjustments.

Running 37:00
shoes: Nike Frees
(PM) Warmed up with Sara before her tempo run, then ran first 20mins of tempo with her. Felt good. Used Colebrooke road loop. Very mild day. Legs felt surprisingly good after tough pulk run this morning.

Thursday Feb 26
Running 1:27:00
shoes: La Sportiva Wildcat
(AM) Steady run at Lemoines. Footing great with packed snow. Felt quite good after yesterday and ran at a good clip in places.

Running 45:00
shoes: La Sportiva Wildcat
(PM) Easy run with Sara on Cataraqui Trail West. Getting very warm and the trail is turning to slush. Felt well recovered. Planning to take tomorrow as a light recovery day, which works out well as it's supposed to be a very wet day with lots of rain.

Friday Feb 27
Running 1:12:00
shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider
(AM) Rainy run. Blech. I hate +4C and the rain. Worst conditions possible. Trail was disgusting so had to stay on the road. Ran to Yarker, then Cutler Road, Curl Road, CE Road loop. Pretty windy in places. Felt ok when I got going, but too much road. I hate the road. I hate road shoes. Bring back the snow!!!

Saturday Feb 28
Running 5:08:00
shoes: LS Raceblades/hobnails
(PM) Great run on Cataraqui Trail from just east of Perth Road Village, out past Hwy #15 and back. Planned to run at Frontenac, but with the rain, melt and freeze up, there was no way. Nice to get some colder weather training in. Great to run the section along Opinicon again; just beautiful. Saw a Bald Eagle a couple of times. Ran with a backpack. Picked it up and ran fairly hard in places. Very good to get this in after a big week.

Sunday Mar 1
Running 1:15:00
shoes: LS Raceblades/hobnails
(AM) Nice easy run with Sara on north trail to Varty Lake and back through Paudyn Trail. Trails were very icy, but hobnails worked great. Warmer than yesterday. Legs a little tired, but felt like I could have kept going.

Running 30:00
shoes: LS Raceblades/hobnails
(PM) A nice easy shakeout run with Sara along the Cat Trail West. Footing was nice as the ice had melted and we were running on softer cinders. Legs still a little tired, but could have kept going.

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