Friday, March 20, 2009

Rock and Ice - Quick Pre-race

We arrived in Yellowknife yesterday after a nice day in Edmonton with my sister Karen and Family. Thursday was kept busy with plenty of little things around town including picking up camp fuel and a few last minute supplies.

We've met a ton of nice people and had dinner with the Italian team. Very interesting folks, including one person who among other things has run in the North and South Pole Marathons, and one of the other guys has actually summited Mount Everest! Not sure if these are good things to be putting in our heads though ;)

Sara has finished her registration and I've had my gear bag check and passed. I'm able to be an official participant now, so off to register. We then have a press conference, survival training, race meeting, and finally a pasta dinner.

At this point, after all the planning, we are just looking forward to starting to run. The weather is cold at -29C this morning with a strong wind, but is certainly better than it could be.

Will probably be offline for a while now, but may be able to do an update on Monday. Check for daily update and photos.

Time to play!


  1. Good luck in the race. We're watching for the golden jackets.



    And watch out for Phil Villneuve on skis. He's a Canmore boy who also know your friend Maggie.

    Now go have a great race.

  3. Thinking of the two of you.
    Have fun!!

    Joanne and C-Moss

  4. Good luck you two - we will be following you all the way.

    Talk about putting ideas in peoples heads - yup that is you Derrick

    Se Safe

    David and Kimberley