Monday, March 9, 2009

Training Log: Mar 2 -8 (10:56)

Training Log - The goal for this week was to recover a bit from the previous week, while still continuing to get some solid days in. Will continue to get some good days this week, but back off on the overall volume. Time to start thinking about extra rest and recovery.

Week Ending Total = 10:56

Monday Mar 2
Running 1:45:00
shoes: LS Raceblades/hobnails
(AM) Great run. A little sluggish getting going, but felt quite good after about 45mins. Had planned to go a little shorter today, but found a very sweet new trail that wound through the woods north of the Sandpit and was fun to play on. On the way back, I ran over the ice on the marsh to connect to the north end of Paudyn Trails. Was a little nervous on the ice, but seems very solid. Pretty cold north wind today.

Running 47:00
shoes: LS Raceblades/hobnails
(PM) Cold north-east wind tonight. Ran steady on Cataraqui Trail West. Felt pretty good. Ankle a little stiff, but not where it was bothering me before, so all is good. Tested out new Outdoor Research Pursuit Pant. Really nice. A little bit lighter and more breathable than the OR Vert Pant, but possibly not quite as warm. No zips on the bottom, but nice tapered fit.

Tuesday Mar 3
Running 40:00
shoes: LS Raceblades/hobnails
(PM) Easy recovery day. Nice run with Sara on the north trail and over the ice on the marsh to Paudyns. Will be sprinkling a few more light days into the mix now between longer sessions.

Wednesday Mar 4
Running 2:00:00
shoes: LS Raceblade/screwshoes
(AM) Beautiful morning. Ran north trail to Sandpit fence-line loop, back through marsh to Paudyns, along Cat to Boundary and home. Felt very good. Steady run. Last few miles sub 7min pace and felt comfortable. Ankle a bit stiff at start but loosened up.

Running 35:00
shoes: La Sportiva Skylites
(PM) Easy run on Cat Trail West. Pretty icy still in places and probably should have worn hobnails or screwshoes, but was anxious to run in lighter shoes. Very nice on the soft cinders before hitting the ice.

Thursday Mar 5
Running 1:01:00
shoes: LS Raceblades/hobnails
(AM) Nice day out. Ran Cataraqui Trail West on soft ground with the occasional icy section. Felt a little tired today from yesterday, but not bad. Left knee feels like I whacked it somehow, but don't remember. Weird.

Friday Mar 6
Running 1:26:00
shoes: LS Raceblades/hobnails
(AM) Nice run with Taylor. Ran from the Murphy's to the skidoo trails. North with loops through the Bunny Hut (Hunt Camp) trails, Camden East trails before trying to connect to the Hodgen's trails. Got a little turned around and post-holed quite a bit in places, but still a great run. Taylor got his legs pretty scratched up by the deep crusty snow, junipers and brambles as he wore shorts. Think that was the only way I was going to hurt him in a run:)

Running 40:00
shoes: La Sportiva Crosslites (41.5)
(PM) Very warm run with Sara on the Cataraqui Trail West. +12C. Most of the ice on the trail is melted now. Felt great to run in shorts and with no socks in shoes again. Don't expect it will be like this in Yellowknife in a couple of weeks.

Saturday Mar 7
Running 1:00:00
shoes: La Sportiva Crosslites (41.5)
(PM) Relaxed run on the Cat Trail with Sara for the first bit. Trail was bare and soft. Ran the last half of run fairly hard in places. Felt good. Mild day, but started to rain part way through run.

Sunday Mar 8
Running 1:02:00
shoes: La Sportiva Wildcat
(PM) Great run in shorts on Cataraqui Trail West. Soft footing. Took an extra day for a little more recovery and hope that we get the snow tomorrow so I can get out for a good pulk run. Bubba is anxious to run. Legs felt well rested and didn't want to stop.

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  1. I think Cody is embracing the idea of recovery. :)