Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rock and Ice Update: K-Rock Results & Diamond update

The third day of the BHP Billiton Rock and Ice Ultra has come to an end which also signifies the conclusion of the three stage 135km K-Rock Ultra.

If you have been following the race through this blog, you already know that congratulations are in order to my wife Sara (Montgomery) for winning the women's division of the foot/snowshoe race, in addition to placing third overall. Sara had a great race and seemed to get stronger each day. With the challenging footing, high winds and cold weather, Sara showed great mental and physical strength in finishing the race three hours ahead of the next female participant. Sara won a diamond valued at $2,800 for her efforts which was donated by title sponsor BHP Billiton - she will be flying up to the diamond mine that it came from for the presentation and a tour on Friday morning.

Due to the depth of the snow on the course, Sara had to run approximately 125 of the 135km of the race in her Dion snowshoes. The only time she ran in just her trail shoes was for the first five and then the final five km's of the race; which was on the ice highway.

Even though the K-Rock is over, there is still plenty of racing to take place as the six day 225km Diamond Ultra division just passed the half way point. Ottawa adventure racer Andrew Cameron continues to run well and is solidly in second place behind Greg McHale. Greg has built up a big lead over the first three days, which will be tough for Andrew to make up, but in a race like this anything can happen.

Andrew looked in great spirits heading out this morning and it will be interesting to see how things play out in the final three days on the trail.

Liza Pye also looked good heading into day four and just needs to make it to the finish line to pick up her diamond, however you can bet she will be trying to make up ground on some of the male competitors who are currently in front of her.

On a personal note, thanks to Rick and all the people who commented, sent emails and well-wishes after I was forced out of the Diamond race. It means a lot to me and is comforting. Thanks.


  1. Congrats again to Sara. For you I guess it is re-group, re-think and re-evaluate.For me it is 51 weeks to go, and I am worried I don't have enough time.

    Beers soon I hope.


  2. Hey Derrick,

    Just wanted to send a quick note to say sorry to hear you had to pull the pin on the race... but a valiant effort in trying, since you weren't feeling great to begin with.

    Congrats to Sara on her big race... well done!

    Oh yeah and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you're having a good one up there.

    Take care,

    Joe T

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Dad and Mom

  4. Happy B-Day, now rest. Congrats Sara