Monday, February 23, 2009

Rock and Ice Update #5: Jen Simpson

I just read Jen Simpon’s Rock and Ice report from Friday’s issue of and it made me do a lot of thinking. It was scary reading about what she has had to deal with in terms of the severity of her knee injury and the long rehab that she has had to go through. It’s very unfortunate that she will not be able to compete at Rock and Ice this year.

Jen’s report also made me think a lot about my own training for Rock and Ice. I have been disappointed in my training over the past few months with not having the ideal buildup to the race due to some of my own injuries and illnesses. While I have still been able to get out there each day and run, there have been times where I’ve had to cut back considerably from what I had originally planned on doing.

Sure, we always want our training to go ideally, but we also need to accept that sometimes there are things beyond our control that get in the way to prevent this. Reading Jen’s report was a good message for me in taking what the ‘Fitness Gawds’ give us and being ok with it. It’s all about having a positive attitude, having fun and then running hard on race day.

Rock and Ice is now less than a month away and it’s time to sharpen up a little before starting to think about tapering soon. The next month will fly by and certainly be filled with plenty of second guessing about things; however I am no longer going to complain about what I haven’t been able to do and what I should have done. I am healthy now which is the main thing and I can’t wait to head north.

All the best in your recovery Jen. I know many of us will be thinking of you while racing and hope to see you up there in 2010 at the Rock and Ice.

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