Sunday, February 15, 2009

Training Log: Feb 9 - 15 (10:53)

Training Log: After having taken 10 days pretty easy due to the pain in my lower leg, things seem to have turned around. I was very cautious during the first part of the week with short runs, lots of ice and a total of 3 laser treatments in the past 10days. Things started to feel much better after laser on Thursday, then had a great weekend of training including a very solid confidence building long run on Sunday. Looking forward to next week. We just need some more snow now!

Week ending total = 10:53

Monday Feb 9
Running 45:00
shoes: La Sportiva Wildcat
(AM) Easy snowshoe run on Hare Trail before going to laser treatment. Leg felt good running, but ached for the entire drive to Napanee. Felt good immediately after treatment, then ached again at night. Was undecided whether to start trying to run more to see how it responds or to run less and see if it improves. Decided to take a couple of pretty light days and see what happens. Have another laser treatment on Thursday.

Tuesday Feb 10
Running 24:00
shoes: La Sportiva Wildcat
(PM) Easy snowshoe run with Sara on Hare Trail. Leg sore at the start and from standing on it all day, but loosened up. Continues to frustrate as it aches after, but seems ok during my runs. See how it is tomorrow and may start increasing again. Used Superfeet insoles for a little additional support.

Wednesday Feb 11
Running 44:00
shoes: La Sportiva Slingshots
(AM) Started out on snowshoes, but turned back after a couple of minutes. Snow too soft from the big melt. Switched into Slingshots with hobnails and ran on Cat Trail. Trail was icy, but hobnails gripped well. Leg was sore for a couple of minutes on snowshoes, but felt fine running after that. Ached a little after, so iced it.

Thursday Feb 12
Running 53:00
shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider
(AM) Tempo run. Decided to test out my leg today to see how it would respond to a harder workout. Kept it to a road run for the level footing. Felt pretty strange wearing road shoes. Ran 26' worth of hilly tempo on Petworth loop that was quite a bit of wet dirt road. Started off at the low end of tempo, but then picked it up and ran hard for the last half over the toughest hills. Felt quite good and leg was no problem during. Felt a little achy after. Encouraging. Had a laser treatment a couple of hours later.

Friday Feb 13
Running 1:05:00
shoes: LS Raceblade/screwshoes
(AM) Easy to steady run on Cat Trail W. Temperature dropped down last night so all the rain froze up. Pretty slippery in places, but good in screwshoes. Felt pretty good. Legs a little tired from yesterday, but fibula seemed ok. Plan to do another short run this evening.

Running 40:00
shoes: La Sportiva Slingshots
(PM) Easy run with Sara on Cat West. First double run in a while. Felt good. Felt a little tired, but leg seemed to be ok.

Saturday Feb 14
Running 1:15:00
shoes: LS Raceblade/screwshoes
(AM) Nice easy run up the north trail to Varty Lake, then added on some on the Cat W. Leg feeling better.

Running 45:00
shoes: LS Raceblades/hobnails
(PM) Great run on Hare trails including a little bit of bushwacking to get around open water. Felt good. Leg continues to improve. Going to test it on a long run tomorrow. Really liking the hobnails in the Raceblades. They grip even better than sheetmetal screws with all this ice.

Sunday Feb 15
Running 4:22:00
shoes: LS Raceblades/hobnails
(PM) Great run. Felt awesome. It's amazing how good you can feel sometimes going into a long run a little more rested. Certainly wasn't ideal having to take the past few weeks easier, but very encouraging today. Ran from Curl Rd on Cataraqui Trail West to Camden East, South on McKeown Trail to Silo and West along Strathcona Escarpment. Ran down and up skihill (as I've never done that before...very steep, but fun!), and down Sutton Hill before turning back. Ran about 75% at a very solid pace. Very happy with how leg felt. Footing wasn't great and leg felt fatigued at times, but no pain. Hobnails were great on all the ice. Ran with backpack

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