Sunday, February 8, 2009

Training Log: Feb 2 - 8 (7:08)

Training Log: A little disappointing this week. Felt great last week and it's possible that I may have rushed back into hard training a little too soon after being sick, as I had to nurse some aches and pains all week. The footing from the 4 hr pulk last Sunday may have taken a lot out of me as my feet kept rolling from the soft snow and seemed to cause pain in my left shin/ankle. My leg doesn't seem to bother me when running, but barks a little after. Seems like its right above where I broke my fibula a few years ago. Hoping it improves over the next few days and I can ramp things back up. With the down time from being sick and now this, I feel like I'm quickly running out of time to get in some solid training before Rock and Ice.

Week ending total = 7:08

Monday Feb 2
Running 1:02:00
shoes: La Sportiva Crosslites (41.5)
(AM) Easy run on Cataraqui Trail West. Footing was a little soft and slow going, but felt pretty good. Need to take a couple of recovery days. Left ankle, calf and shin a little tight still, but loosened up.

Running 48:00
shoes: La Sportiva Raceblades
(PM) Easy snowshoe run. Ran west side of Paudyn trails, then out towards Varty Lake. Footing good on snowmobile trail.

Tuesday Feb 3
Running 1:10:00
shoes: La Sportiva Crosslites (41.5)
(AM) Steady snowshoe run at Little Cat Conserv. Area before work. Trail was pretty firm for the first half, but the last half of the loop was nice. Felt really quite good and ran fairly hard in places. Left leg still a little sore, so just running once today.

Wednesday Feb 4
Running 1:02:00
shoes: La Sportiva Wildcat
(AM) Relaxed run on north trail from home. Back was very sore at the start from splitting wood yesterday, but loosened up. Ankle was still a little tender, but also felt much better as I ran and didn't seem to be an issue. Felt it after getting home though. Really wanted to run more, but decided to take the recovery before ramping back up again. Ran in new La Sportiva Wildcats today. It's a little more shoe than what I usually wear (compared to Crosslites and Skylites), but I really like them. Soft ride, stable base of support, great traction and comfy upper with no stress points...and they look cool too! I know I'll wear them a lot when my body needs an extra bit of pampering. I'll write a full review at some point in the future. This is going to be a great shoe for LS.

Thursday Feb 5
Running 1:00:00
shoes: La Sportiva Wildcat
(AM) Steady run on Cat Trail West. Back feeling better today. Leg still sore, but loosened up as I ran. Trail firm with good footing. Ran fairly hard in places. Felt pretty well recovered from the past few easy days.

Friday Feb 6
Running 32:00
shoes: La Sportiva Wildcat
(AM) Started out on snowshoes, but kept sliding off home trail, so ran a short road run to Freeman Trail and back. Wanted to test leg before going to get a laser treatment and see how it's feeling. Not bad. Doesn't seem to hurt when I'm running, but continues to be achy when I stop and flex my foot outwards. Will continue to run moderate amounts this weekend and see how it feels. Hope to snowshoe run as much as possible as the stability seems to help.

Saturday Feb 7
Running 49:00
shoes: La Sportiva Wildcat
(PM) Easy run on north trail from Yarker out to Varty Lake. Felt pretty good. Back still very stiff. Leg ok, but sore again after.

Sunday Feb 8
Running 45:00
shoes: La Sportiva Wildcat
(PM) Easy snowshoe run on north trail with Sara. Back feeling quite a bit better today. Leg doesn't seem too bad. Still seems like it's fairly low on the fibula, but not sure whether it's tendon or muscle, but hopefully not bone. Was hoping to stay on snowshoes for the added stability this week, but with the warm weather and melt, it might not be possible. Was sunny and +5C today.

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