Sunday, January 4, 2009

Training Log: Dec 29 - Jan 4 (2:20)

~ Brutal training log....or lack of. Bad week. Still very sick with SJS. I used to get this rare illness when I was a very young kid, but have been pretty lucky with not getting it for a number of years. If I had some early warning symptoms, I would start on medication and wouldn't get sick. Well, I switched on to a different drug that was supposed to be better and I didn't have to take as long. Unfortunately, this has not worked as I've been sick twice in the past 6 months. Have a doctors appointment for Wednesday, so will go back on original prescription.

Ran just enough this week to keep the streak alive and I'd have to say that these were some of the toughest days that I've had to run through.

Looking forward to next week and hopefully feeling much better.

Week Ending total = 2:20

Mon/29 (:20) Short, but not easy.
Tue/30 (:20) On Cat Trail.
Wed/31 (:20)
Thu/1 (:20) Very weak. Mouth, throat and tongue very sore and swollen.
Fri/2 (:20)
Sat/3 (:20) Ran in Paudyn's trails. Still feeling like hell, but nice to get in the woods.
Sun/4 (:20) Easy run on road from house. Very weak, but felt good to get outside.


  1. Your streak is all the more incredibly impressive for getting through weeks like this. Keep healing! Love you! S

  2. And all I had today was a sore throat and it kept me from running... well that and other family logistics. But I thought of you today and knew that you would run. I hope you feel better soon.

  3. dude do you mean stevens-johnson synd. that is freaking insane did you get that from tha antibiotic for your eye? jesus you are a tank.

    hope you feel better

  4. Thanks.

    Yup, Keith...that's what it is. Not much fun. I used to get it pretty bad when I was a little kid. Guess I'm lucky that I don't get as sick with it as some do though.

  5. Sucks man, but better now than later. Hope it all works out with the Doc and you're back out there fast. With all this new snow, there will be no way to keep you down anyhow ;).

    Take care