Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sleddog Blog

Question: How many sleddogs can you fit in a Subaru Forester?....
Answer: 5 (so far).

With the cold weather we've had recently, we've been taking advantage of some great dogsledding conditions. A couple of nights ago we loaded up the team and headed to our favourite trails. The trails were fast and the dogs were flying. I love dogsled runs after dark. Everything feels so alive.
Here are a short profile of the huskies and their roles on the dogteam...
Alpha female. Great lead dog. Not our fastest dog, but a good problem solver who could pretty much parallel park a dogsled.
Super enthusiastic. Loves to run. Keeps everyones spirits up on the trail. Runs well with Meela in lead and listens to her well.
Mr Reliable. Seasoned pro. Runs in point well, as well as a great lead dog. Has seen and experienced everything as he has several years of racing under his belt.
Extremely strong dog. A gentle giant. The hardest working dog in our pack. Thinks he needs to try to pull the entire sled by himself. We think it's to impress the girl huskies.
The wonder pup. This is her first year of being hooked up with the team, but is a natural. Loves to run and has taken to dogsledding right from the first hookup.
Okay, we can't forget the non-sleddogs in the pack...
"What do you mean? I'm a real sleddog. I have a harness you know. I can pull." Well, yes Neeka has been hooked up and I believe deep down thinks she IS a husky, but seems to perform better as a cheerleader.
Well, it's pretty safe to say that Mali will probably never make the team, although she does look rather fashionable in her booties. Mali prefers to bark commands with her booming baritone voice, while munching on a porkchop.

We'll try to get some action photos and videos at some point during a day run.


  1. Great dogs, they all have such different and diverse personalities. Love those dogs.

  2. Mali is a bikejoring specialist (she's a non-winter athlete), and Neeka would fill out that 6th spot on the team nicely. :)