Sunday, January 4, 2009

Snowshoe Magazine

The latest issue of Snowshoe Magazine was just sent out and here are a few of the articles we contributed.

Snowshoe Magazine Interview: Dave Dunham
This is the third in a series of interviews with notable snowshoe personalities that we will be presenting throughout the season.Dave Dunham lives in Bradford, MA and is a pioneer in the sport of snowshoe racing in the Northeastern United States.

Dave has numerous top five finishes at the U.S. Snowshoe Running Championships, including winning in 2001. He is also a race director for three snowshoe races. Dave is a member of the La Sportiva Mountain Running Team and Central Mass Striders.
(Read full interview)

Gear Review: Nathan Storm Pack
Picture yourself out for a long hard snowshoe run or hike, working up a sweat, then trying to take a drink out of your water bottle, but nothing comes out. Drat! It’s frozen solid again. This has continually been a source of frustration for the avid snowshoer.
(Read full gear review)

Also, make a point of checking out my Mom's Call of the Wild article and my sister Debbie's Mountain Hardware gear review.


  1. hey derrick, hope you're starting to feel better this week.

    to answer your sled questions:

    yeah, i just run a perlon cord through each pole and then at the sled it goes through a hole on each front corner of the sled and then back around the entire sled under the lip on the edge of the sled and is tied together in back.

    the silicone tubing is attached to the poles with hose clamps and the perlon cord also goes through the tubing. this all seems to hold together really well. if you want i can send you some more pictures. let me know.

  2. Thanks Geoff.

    Excellent idea about tying it from the back. I was concerned about the strain on the sled from pulling from the front, but couldn't figure out in my head how to pull from the back (which is like a dogsled system). Great tip. Thanks again.