Monday, June 2, 2008

May 26 - June 1 (6:59)

pm (:22) Crosslites1. Easy on grass trails at house. ITB still kind of sore. Foot still there at beginning of run.

pm (:20) CL1. Easy on home grass trail. ITB a little better today.

am (:47) CL1. Ran north trail from home. Felt good. ITB seemed much better today. Foot ok too. Saw a black bear and her 3 cubs in the field to the East of N/E entrance to Paudyn loop. Very cool. I was downwind from them so they couldn't smell me. About 100 meters from them. Stood behind a tree and watched them for about 15mins. The one cub kept trying to get the other cub to play with it.

pm (:56) CL1. North trail with Sara. Nice night. ITB tight but ok. Can feel my foot at the start, but gets better.

am (1:07) CL1. Paudyn Loop + add-on. No sign of bear. ITB felt pretty good today. Foot seems to be improving too. Always feel better when I'm running more.
pm (:22) Gazelle CC. Easy on home trail. Felt good.

am (:20) Skylites. ITB felt great. Looking forward to getting out again later. Foot still noticeable though.
pm (:45) GCC. Easy on Cat West. ITB seems good.

pm (2:00) CL1. Great run at Gould Lake. Beautiful day. Ran Tom Dixon, East, Famous and Wagon Trail loop, then out and back to Spur Point. Felt very good. ITB felt great on technical trails. Was a little stiff at the end, but fine later that night.

Week total = 6:59
~ ITB kept getting stronger all week. Still a little bit tight, but think I can pretty much run through it now and keep increasing back to normal.

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