Monday, June 16, 2008

June 9 - 15 (19:45)

am (1:20) Fireblades. Cat W trail to grass hill. Very hot and humid. Legs felt ok after long run.
pm (:53) Raceblades/Five Fingers. Easy with Sara on Warner trail loop, then 20' minutes on home trail in FF.

am (1:03) GazellesCC. Easy run at Lemoine Point. Still very hot, but nice with some breeze and shade along the lake.
pm (1:15) Slingshots. Workout on Cat Trail E. Warmup for 15', then 20' tempo run, 6' recovery, 10 x 1' hard, 1' easy, then cooldown. Felt really good. Kept it under control. Less humid tonight.

am (1:15) CL1. Easy run to the Sandpit. Felt pretty good. Took it easy as a big day tomorrow.
pm (0)

am (6:35) CL2. Frontenac Park Perimeter. Ran the entire outside trail around Frontenac. This is a run I've wanted to do for a long time. Started at Trail Centre at 9:52am. Ran Corridor to Rideau Trail, Outer Slide Lake Loop, Big Salmon, Gibson, Kingsford Dam, Birch Lake, Arkon W. Got back to Trail Centre at 4:37pm. Total time on trail = 6:45, Total running time = 6:35 (stops to treat water). Started out very easy as I knew it was going to be a long day on the trail. First 90mins are pretty slow and technical. Much nicer once around Slide Lake and moving north. Saw deer, otter, beaver, partridge (dive bombed me...must have been close to a nest). Felt very strong and got in a good groove. Weather was perfect. Low humidity. No deer flies yet. Mosquitos were bad on the long uphills in the northern section of the park. Fueled well with 2 pkgs Clif blocks, 3 gu gels, 2 bottles of Sustained energy/Gu powder (half and half), 1 pkg full strength gu powder, 1 first endurance bar (3hrs), lots of water (treated with Steripen). Total of about 1400calories consumed. Really pleased with how my body held up. Great confidence builder. Didn't see anyone on the trail the entire run except a school group swimming at campsite #11 (offered me a freezie). Looking forward to running loop again and can definitely go faster. Asked park warden if anyone had done it before or if he knew the distance and he said he no on both counts. Best guess was maybe 45-50km, but hard to say because of technical trails.

am (1:09) GCC. Easy at Lemoines. Legs felt surprisingly good after yesterday. Right achilles a little tight at first.
pm (:38) Frees. Easy run w/ Sara to north trail and back.

am (1:15) CL1. Ran north trail to Sandpit, while Brennan mountain biked with me. Came back on road through Colebrooke.
pm (:20) Frees. Easy on home trail w/Sara.

pm (4:02) Raceblades. Good run with Sara at Frontenac Park. From Big Salmon Parking lot to Great Rock Loop on Slide Lake and back. Beautiful sections. Some pretty technical footing though up the Great Rock and slow going. Pretty hot. The deer flies were out in full force. Achilles a little stiff, but good otherwise.

Weekly Total = 19:45
~ Very pleased with week. Two good long runs. A couple of shorter days than normal in combination with the long runs.

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  1. Great week! I think the perimiter is longer than 50k. More like 55-60? Nice that you got that one in. :)